• What decorations in an eclectic style living room will work?

    Eclecticism is the art of combining different styles. Often, by juxtaposing seemingly incompatible elements, it allows us to create a completely new, delightful whole. Unfortunately, applying this style in practice is extremely difficult. Eclectic arrangements require from the creator an extraordinary sense, so that in his work does not appear incomprehensible chaos, which deters rather than delights. Importantly, it is also not a style for everyone. How to safely introduce it into your living room with decorations? Eclectic style, or what kind of style?  The uniqueness of the eclectic style is the combination and drawing of various elements and accessories
  • What kind of lighting fits the English style?

    English style is chic and elegant in its pure form. However, it is definitely not a good option for people who appreciate simplicity and minimalism. Abundance of all kinds of accessories, trinkets, materials and textures, floral patterns and ubiquitous pastels is not for everyone. This is what distinguishes interiors in the English style. And what kind of lighting will bring brilliance to these elegant arrangements? English interior Rooms maintained in English style have several fixed elements. They usually include: a fireplace, stuccowork, pastel colors and floral patterns, even on walls in the form of wallpaper, paintings, souvenirs from travels or
  • What New York style living room decorations will work?

    New York style is the essence of luxury and elegance. It refers to glamor and art deco, perfectly reflecting the spirit of the world of New York’s social cream. Check how to decorate your living room to make it look like an apartment straight from Manhattan!   As the name suggests, New York style refers to the luxurious interiors of apartments on the Upper East Side, which is the most expensive district of Manhattan. New York is a city where many cultures meet. Therefore it is not surprising that the New York style may resemble a mixture, partly referring to
  • Loft style lanterns – which ones to choose?

    If you are looking for accessories that will highlight your loft-inspired apartment, take a look at our suggestions. We suggest lanterns! Loft style, also called industrial, is associated with austere minimalism, and thus with modernity. However, it was born in the United States already in the 1950s, so more than 70 years ago. At that time abandoned factories were more and more often used as apartments. Specific construction solutions of huge halls contributed to creation of loft style popular today. What are the characteristics of loft style? Characteristic for the loft style are open spaces, large windows (often reaching from
  • How to decorate a kitchen in art deco style?

    Are you looking for art déco kitchen ideas? Read about the characteristics of this style and create an aesthetically pleasing and functional arrangement
  • Curtains in Scandinavian style – an idea for traditional window decoration

    Do you dream about Scandinavian style interior? We suggest what curtains and drapes will suit it best.
  • Vintage style in the dining room

    Fashion for the 50s, 60s, or 70s is often coming back. However, we do not mean only fashion and styling passed on the streets, but also the interior. So find out how to decorate your dining room in vintage style and what furniture and accessories will fit
  • Boho loft, cozy and industrial

    How to properly combine industrial and boho style, so as not to overdo it? Learn a few rules that must be followed when combining these two distinctive
  • Boho style terrace – these decorations you must have!

    Boho style is a nod to nature and airiness. These are the interiors that are most in demand right now. What accessories will make the terrace more
  • What are the characteristics of the Dutch style?

    Dutch style is characterized by modernity and austerity. Nevertheless, accessories or furniture made of natural materials make the interior a warm and atmospheric