What decorations in an eclectic style living room will work?

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Eclecticism is the art of combining different styles. Often, by juxtaposing seemingly incompatible elements, it allows us to create a completely new, delightful whole.

Unfortunately, applying this style in practice is extremely difficult. Eclectic arrangements require from the creator an extraordinary sense, so that in his work does not appear incomprehensible chaos, which deters rather than delights. Importantly, it is also not a style for everyone. How to safely introduce it into your living room with decorations?

Eclectic style, or what kind of style? 

The uniqueness of the eclectic style is the combination and drawing of various elements and accessories that at first glance do not match. Putting them together requires quite an effort, so that the resulting effect does not resemble a chaotic and cluttered interior. Usually you start with a combination of two styles, the combination with more of them is rather reserved for specialists and virtuosos in this aspect. 

Eclecticism is the opposite of minimalist and monochromatic arrangements. Here we can afford to combine colors, materials and textures. In order not to lose ourselves in the diversity of an eclectic interior, it is worth choosing a single leitmotif that will cleverly unite all the elements.

Decorations and accessories in eclectic style

Regardless of the style in which we decorate the interior, accessories and decorations always give the arrangement an individual character and nevertheless present the individual approach of the creator, who is usually its user and inhabitant. We often rely on trinkets and decorations that are valuable to us in various ways, not necessarily material. For this purpose, all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets brought from travels are perfect, which, in addition to their beautiful appearance, have sentimental value for us. Eclecticism allows us to mix forms and colors, so that we get a diverse and surprising effect. 

Home gallery

An interesting decoration option that fits well with eclecticism will be a home mini gallery occupying one of the walls of our living room. These can be movie posters, modern graphics or artwork, as well as photos. In order to keep a slight reference to the other elements of the decor, we can match them with, for example, frames or a shade of passe-partout.

Pleasant to the touch

An almost unique decoration of an eclectic living room can be a feast of colors exposed on the cushions decorating the sofa. Here you can go wild. Combine colors, patterns, textures and materials. If you can sew, knit, crochet or weave macramé – indulge yourself artistically and create beautiful and unique pillows that you won’t find at anyone else’s house. The same goes for blankets, rugs or bedspreads. 

How about retro? 

In eclectic style living rooms quite often you can find all sorts of retro accessories. Polish interiors are dominated by those associated with the PRL years. We observe this both in accessories and decorations, but also in furniture. A restored communist armchair or an old wooden kinescope TV converted into a bar can be an effective living room decoration. What’s more, by betting on this type of solution, we give a second life to things, and often save money, because amazing gems can be found in the attics of our grandparents or parents or at flea markets.

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