• Barn doors – what are they, what do they look like and where will they

    Are you facing the choice of a door separating the bedroom from the living room, or perhaps a closet from the bedroom? Are you looking for something unique and unusual? Definitely check out barn doors!  Barn doors, or atmospheric sliding doors Doors in our apartment or house are, despite appearances, an important part of the arrangement. They serve not only to separate individual rooms from each other and dampen sounds, but also in emphasizing the character of a given interior. And so in addition to the classic we have barn doors. What is hidden under this foreign-sounding term?  It is, […]
  • Everything You Need to Know About Residential Partitions

    When it comes to your home, you probably want to make sure that every square inch of it is being used as efficiently as possible. That’s why residential partitions have become such an important part of how home designs are handled in the modern world; these interlocking walls are a great way to save space, add storage, and much more. If you’re considering adding one of these to your own home, here’s everything you need to know about residential partitions. A History of Partitions Partitions have been used for centuries as a way to divide up living spaces. The most […]
  • Why You Need Acoustic Foam Panels in Your Life

    Have you ever wondered how some people are able to crank their music loud and not disturb their neighbours, while you get your eardrums ruptured if you listen to anything above a whisper? Well, it’s because they have acoustic foam panels installed in their home or business, and you need some too! This blog will give you everything you need to know about acoustic foam panels, why they are necessary and how to install them properly. About acoustic foam  What is acoustic foam? it is a substance that absorbs sound. By filling every nook and cranny inside a room with […]
  • Scandinavian style home office

    Scandinavian style appeared in interior design some time ago and it does not look like it is going to leave us in the next few seasons. Bright colors, wood, simplicity and minimalism supported by practical organizational solutions. It can be said that these features are almost ideal for creating an office space. Dreaming of a Scandinavian-style home office? Get inspired with us!  Scandinavian style ideal for the office A home office is a space where we often spend long hours, so it is important that it is well organized and beautiful. In a space where we feel good and which […]
  • The Sensor Soap Dispenser: How to Use It and Why You Need It

    The sensor soap dispenser is one of the most ingenious inventions in recent memory. Designed to make life easier in the bathroom, this sensor soap dispenser can be programmed to dispense exactly how much soap you need at the touch of a button. Even better, it will automatically shut off when your soap supply gets low, so you’ll never run out unexpectedly again! Here’s how to use it and why you need one in your home. What is a Sensor Soap Dispenser? A sensor soap dispenser is a type of soap dispenser that detects when you wave your hand in […]
  • Glamour hairdressing salon – ideas, inspirations and accessories

    The hairdressing salon in glamour style is not only a place of tranquillity and style but also a place of tranquillity and style. We also explain what are the special features of the glamour style