What are the characteristics of the Dutch style?

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Dutch style is a combination of pleasantly cool and austere style. Many people will find themselves in such interior design. Find out what distinguishes this style.

Dutch style is a very popular form of interior design. The Netherlands, as the home of this way of designing, allowed the emergence of a style that uses creativity and diversity in interior planning. The style brings together different features: from modernism, austerity, simple solutions, antiquity, to unusual elegance. Interiors gain an unforced naturalness and impression of modernity. What determines it? You will find the answer below.

Fans of the Dutch style are..

First of all, these will be people who own apartments or houses with large space. On such a large area you can create a very modern interior, but also giving a lot of comfort.

This form of arrangement will appeal to people who care about ecology, because one of its characteristic features is recycled furniture and decorations. In the Dutch style a large role is also played by things coming from second hand and antique fairs. This is something for people who particularly pay attention to the environment

What distinguishes the Dutch style?

Let’s start with lighting. Thanks to it, we can expose specific elements of our living room or bedroom. Dutch style loves all pendant lamps, as well as standing ones. The light that comes out of them, gives the room the right climate. Besides, in the interior, which is already subdued by colors and accessories, this lighting will add warmth and brightness

You can also build a mood by using windows. Do not cover them with any curtains. Alternatively, you can opt for delicate roller blinds or shutters, which can be lowered when necessary. You will find large windows in Dutch houses. Light plays a big role in such a big space.

What colors are dominant?

Colors being the basis of any style, here they are characterized by softness and subduing. In a room designed for the Dutch style, there will be colors such as white, beige, shades of gray. This is a style for nature lovers, so in such an arrangement must also find earthy colors: dark shades of green, navy blue and brown. The latter color is the basis of many materials used for various furniture and accessories found in the interior.

Furniture and accessories are furnishings characterized by practicality and naturalness. Dutch furniture is made from wood or recycled materials. Often such items are characterised by clunkiness (e.g. tables and chairs). They look for any pieces with uneven edges, a little raw, which can give the impression of age. Hence the love of this style for handicrafts and everything that was created with human hands and is made with extreme precision

You need to look for such items at antique fairs. As for the color scheme of the furniture, as well as the walls, they will be in the most natural colors, upholstered with high-quality materials.

Complement with accessories

Additions and all decorations play a complementary role. Therefore, finding ourselves in a space designed according to the Dutch style, we will notice many family heirlooms or antiques, such as clocks, candlesticks, silver or mirrors with wooden frames. The decorative function is often taken over by the aforementioned lamps, which are not only to illuminate the apartment, but also to create an atmosphere. More and more often you can also find decorations made of metal, concrete or glass.

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