What distinguishes Japanese style? In which rooms will it work?

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Japanese style is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. Check out what captivated people in this style and what it stands out

The Japanese live in a harmonious arrangement and want to be close to nature. Since the dawn of time, the division between inside and outside is ingrained in them. In practice, this means that the inner place, i.e. the house, does not limit their contact with nature, but is only a temporary shelter from the heat or rain

Living in the Japanese style

In Japanese culture, every element has a meaning, and their interpenetration makes them combine into a coherent whole. They reflect a minimalist and harmonious nature, which is characterized by unusual symmetry and balance. Modern apartments of the Japanese are imbued with modern trends, but some traditions in the space have been preserved

What characterizes the Japanese style at home?

Japanese interior is characterized by a space filled with natural light. The materials used for furniture should be as natural as possible, and the composition of the interior is thought out so as to ensure the free flow of energy. The Japanese pay attention to the principles of feng shui, so before proceeding to design the apartment, it is worth familiarizing yourself with it. In Japanese style, lighting and minimalist accessories are strongly appreciated.

Elements of traditional Japanese interior design

The interior of a Japanese house cannot lack floral elements, wide windows covered with thick curtains, blinds and delicate bamboo shades, which let the sunshine inside. The Japanese attach great importance to respect for ancestors, which is why one of the rooms is usually arranged in the spirit of washitsu

How to decorate an apartment in Japanese style?

Japanese conditions are very different from those in our country, but it is not impossible to design an apartment in Japanese style. For such an interior, choose natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton, paper or bamboo. Wall colors should be in natural shades. When thinking about designing an interior, think of it as a space meant for many household members. It should be functional, but you don’t have to keep symmetry in it. Have fun, change the decorations, get inspired by nature and simple everyday activities!

If you dream of living in a Japanese style, do not stick to strict standards. Let the natural light flow into your home and see how it penetrates through the curtains. Follow the principles of wabi-sabi, which is a Japanese aesthetic category that allows you to emphasize the beauty of shabby things. You can try reworking your old furniture instead of buying a new one right away!

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