Incorporating art deco elements into your outdoor living space

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Design trends over the centuries have showcased a wide spectrum of aesthetic styles—one of the most recognized being art deco. With its geometrical shapes, rich colors, and luxurious materials, this eye-catching design style can transform your outdoor living space into a fashionable retreat. This article will help you understand the essence of art deco, find inspiration in creatively designed outdoor spaces, and finally, guide you in incorporating these elements into your garden or patio.

Understanding the essence of art deco

Art Deco, a popular design style that emerged in the 1920s, is globally renowned for its flamboyance and glamour. Thanks to the prevalent cultural and economic optimism during this era, Art Deco swiftly became a symbol of luxury and sophistication. It effectively combined modern design characteristics with rich materials and a splendid abundance of ornamentation.

Its main characteristics create an aesthetic that is at once bold and striking yet remarkably elegant. These include the use of vibrant colors, repetitive patterns, bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and high contrasts. Therefore, incorporating Art Deco elements into outdoor spaces is about achieving the right balance of these key elements – creating a space that is both visually compelling and extremely sophisticated.

Finding inspiration in art deco outdoor designs

Delving deeply into the realm of art deco, one can draw a wealth of inspiration from various jaw-dropping outdoor designs scattered across the globe. These reference images serve not only as shinning testaments of the timeless allure of this style, but also as wonderful wellsprings of ideas for those considering a similar route for their outdoor spaces.

Consider the grandeur of the art deco influenced Miami Beach boardwalk with its use of symmetrical lines or the vibrant color palettes of dedicated art deco outdoor spaces in places like Cairo and Mumbai. As you delve into the world of art deco, you’ll find that the characteristics of this bold, architectural style can bridge the gap between history and modernity in your outdoor living space design, making it a unique focal point in your immediate environment.

Simple ways to incorporate art deco elements in your outdoor space

Implementing art deco elements can be an exciting way to revitalise your outdoor space. Carefully selected furniture pieces providing a nod to the gleaming glamour of the 1920s and 30s, by showcasing geometric shapes and vibrant colours, can instantly breathe life into your garden design.

For an added flare, consider investing in or creating DIY art deco accessories. Timeless decorations tips might include using abstract sculptures, stained glass panels and ornamental fountains. With a blend of creativity and originality, your outdoor space can become a spectacular display of the iconic art deco style.

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