How to decorate an eclectic interior?

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Interior design allows you to create a space in the apartment, which will be characterized by a certain style and atmosphere. What are the interiors in the eclectic style?

This is a very interesting way of arranging a house, because it combines several trends. Although at first glance the connections look quite chaotic, in fact, each element of the decor is thought out and is not there by accident. This is a style for people who do not like boredom, predictability and obvious solutions.

In eclectic interiors no combination is surprising. There will be a place both for antiques, as well as for ultra-modern furniture and designer accessories. Despite the fact that eclecticism gives a lot of freedom and liberty in the arrangement, it is worth deciding on the leading and dominating objects and decorations in the interior. Thanks to this, the room will not look cluttered, but rather will become an interesting place to spend time with family and friends

To which interiors fits eclectic style?

When choosing an eclectic style, you need to remember to exercise restraint in the implementation of your vision and ideas. To avoid risky combinations, it is worth before starting the renovation to acquire knowledge about interior design in such a climate. A great sense of style and good taste will also be useful. With such a background, you can create a brilliant space, which has its own unmistakable character and soul.

Eclectic style can be used in virtually any interior, as long as the functionality and usability of the room is maintained. Many people rely on eclecticism in the living room, which is usually the largest room in the apartment. Thanks to this we can realize their vision and decorate it according to their own ideas

What are the characteristics of eclecticism in the interior?

Eclectic style is a skillful combination of several directions and trends in the interior. It is often a combination of bold, saturated colors, which perfectly complement each other and do not overwhelm the space in the apartment

It is also the art of combining modern elements with classics and things in vintage style. All this, however, should form a coherent whole, which creates an interesting interior. Certainly this style is not for people who like symmetry, harmony and accepted patterns in the arrangement

How to create an interior in an eclectic climate?

Although eclecticism is associated with freedom, creativity and free expression of your artistic ideas, it is worth knowing a few tips about this style

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It is good to remember that in such a space each element has its place and was not found in the room by accident. The interior, where chaos reigns and which is overloaded with a multitude of objects, can not be called eclectic

  1. Leitmotif

Deciding on an interior that is to be eclectic, it is worth finding a theme that will set the direction and be dominant. It can be a theme, to which the furniture and paintings will refer, or simply colors or consistency in the choice of textures.

Thanks to this, the arrangement will remain interesting, but it will not be accused of lack of logic in the selection of subsequent elements.

  1. Moderation and keeping proportions

An important factor that determines the interior design, must be moderation, so that we do not lose ourselves in the multitude of ideas and solutions. It is important to maintain the right proportions – the interior should retain its functionality and be useful to household members. Fancy or unusual decorations should make it more pleasant to spend time in a given room and not turn it into a museum room

  1. Unobvious combinations

A great way to create an eclectic interior is to combine different types of materials. It may be a combination of wooden floor with stoneware tiles or creating a coherent whole with several different materials, for example using patchwork

  1. Resignation from ready-made sets

Currently, in a store with furniture, we can buy all the furniture for a given room, which will constitute a single whole. Often the manufacturer himself suggests that a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table constitute an elegant set

People who dream about a room in an eclectic climate, resign from ready-made sets in favor of less banal solutions. It is not necessary to have each chair with a different design, different cushions or pots with unusual shapes decorating the windowsill will suffice.

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