Mirror ceiling – is it worth it?

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Mirrors are present in every home, more and more often, in addition to the bathroom or hallway we can find them in the living room or bedroom. A trend of the last season is hanging mirrors on the ceiling. For many people this is a way to have an original interior, which is optically enlarged. Others consider such a procedure as unnecessary extravagance, which suits a boutique or an art gallery, but not a living room. However, everyone has the right to decorate the apartment according to his own taste and idea

Mirror on the ceiling makes the interior will certainly look modern and chic. Such an effect can be achieved by mounting a large plate on the ceiling, which reflects light and image. Such a solution will be achieved by stretch ceilings. It is an interesting way to optically enlarge the living room or other space in the apartment. In the arrangement of industrial or futuristic interiors, glass elements are very popular. Mirror can be an interesting decoration on the ceiling, which will give the room an original character. Check whether the mirror on the ceiling will work in your home and whether its installation is profitable

Mirror ceiling and modern interiors

Mirror ceiling is a solution that is increasingly being used in residential spaces. Many people are afraid of such a solution, thinking that such an interior will be cold and not cozy. It turns out that the mirror on the ceiling is a fairly universal element of decor, which easily fits into the nature of the interior. Mirror mounted on the ceiling will fit perfectly into the style of glamour, where much emphasis is placed on elegant and refined accessories and decorations. It will also fit into loft arrangements, full of industrial elements and designer touches. Among the inspirations you can find mirrors on the ceilings also in classical interiors. In this case, the mirror on the ceiling is often framed in an interesting frame or mill

What are the advantages of a mirrored ceiling?

Mirror ceiling is a great way to optically enlarge the interior and make it brighter. Sunlight entering the room will be reflected in the mirror, making the space look more sunny. In such interiors we like to stay, it is the perfect place to rest and relax after work. Mirror board is also a great solution to easily refresh the look of an old apartment

Assembly and installation are simple and can effectively cover up unevenness or stains on an old ceiling. The smooth surface will give the room an extremely elegant and unique character. In addition, under the ceiling tile you can successfully hide electrical and plumbing construction elements, which disfigure the decor when they are in plain sight

It is worth mentioning that on the mirrored ceiling does not settle dust, so it is easier to keep the room clean. A mirror on the ceiling can also be an effective barrier when flooded by upstairs neighbors, since the tiles of the spotted ceiling are waterproof and fireproof. The fact that the rooms where the mirror ceiling is installed are soundproofed is also a plus.

Is it worth having a mirror ceiling? What are the costs?

Mirror ceiling is undoubtedly an attractive way to finish the interior. This is a solution that is ideal for the living room, where we often receive guests. The price of stretch ceilings depends on the size of the room and the price list of the company whose services we want to use. It is also important whether we are going to install the ceiling ourselves or decide on the help of a professional installation team

It is worth remembering that professional tools are necessary for attaching a smooth panel to the ceiling. Incorrect installation may result in damage to the panel and loss of guarantee by the owners. The price is also influenced by the material we want to use, and in what technology it will be made. Many companies have a calculator on their websites, where we can calculate the cost per square meter of the material. Although stretch ceiling is not the cheapest, the way to finish the apartment is an investment for years

This type of structure mounted on the ceiling effectively protects the surface from dirt and moisture. Such a ceiling will certainly look better after several years of use than a ceiling covered with plaster and paint

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