At what height to hang the sink in the bathroom?

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Choosing ceramic tiles, a shower enclosure, fixtures or accessories is the basis of decorating a bathroom. Even if we leave the technical matters to the renovation team, it is worth thinking about how high the washbasin should be mounted. This is of great importance later, when comfort is important. So what height should you install the wash basin in the bathroom?

At what height is the wash basin to be mounted?

In order to determine what height is right for the wash basin, two aspects are taken into account. The first is European standards and technical conditions. These state that the wash basin should be 85-95 cm high. Of course, this is the value that determines the upper edge of the basin, so it applies, regardless of the type.

The second aspect is more individual, namely the height of the users. European standards take averages into account, so there is nothing wrong with fixing the washbasin at the height that suits you best.

In this case, at what height should the wash basin be mounted? The most common standards are (the first value is the height of the householder, and the second is the height of the bathroom):

  • 190 cm – 95 cm,
  • 180 cm – 90 cm,
  • 175 cm – 85 cm,
  • 160 cm – 80 cm.

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Optimum wash basin height

Wondering at what height washbasins are most often installed? It’s 80-85 centimetres, regardless of which type you decide on. Both countertop and drop-in sinks should be mounted in such a way that they are comfortable for all users

Of course, it’s impossible to get the perfect fit – in the case of a traditional married couple with a child, the differences in height are quite substantial. This is why the optimum height of a washbasin is 80-85 centimetres

Sometimes, however, household members opt for a slightly lower mounting, for example, at 75 centimeters, because it is comfortable for them. The visibility of the mirror and the mounting height of the mixer are also important. A washbasin that is mounted too high and a mixer that is too big may make everyday hygienic tasks uncomfortable.

However, countertop washbasins come in a variety of shapes, so it is important to consider whether the optimum height is right. In addition, you need to take into account the installation of the countertop, which is usually fixed at a height of 75 centimeters from the floor. The washbasin should be at a height of 85-90 centimeters, taking into account that it has a height of about 10-15 cm.

At what height is the drain from the wash basin?

Installing the wash basin at the right height is not just a convenience for the householder. It also affects the connection of the washbasin drain and any hoses from the faucet. Connecting the mixer does not seem like a big problem because you can always replace the connection accessories with longer ones if they prove to be inadequate.

Let us also mention at what height the drain for the washbasin should be located. The optimal solution is to place the drain hole about 55 cm from the floor. Remember to adjust the trap and choose the right diameter of the drain pipes. The slope must also be taken into account so that the water flows freely and correctly.

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