6 ideas for a rustic balcony

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When decorating a balcony, many people want to create there the perfect place to rest and relax. A great solution is to create a rustic atmosphere, which is conducive to idyllic lazing around

In addition to the right furniture to relax, it is worth taking care of the details. Ideal accessories for a country-style balcony will be wicker baskets, flower pots and cushions with folk motifs. A rustic balcony has lots of references to nature. Besides flowerbeds or vases with cut flowers, it’s worth introducing a few more elements

Wooden chests or decorating sofas and armchairs with imitation animal skins will look great. An interesting way to arrange the floor on a balcony can be to place a bamboo mat on it. A balcony decorated this way will be a great place to drink your morning coffee, have a quiet meditation or a romantic evening for two

How to decorate your balcony in a rustic style?

  1. Garden furniture for a balcony in a rustic style

What is the best furniture for a balcony in a rustic style? Typically, we have limited space on the balcony, so the furniture can not be too massive and large. The best solution, which fits the country atmosphere, is to buy wicker furniture. Stylish armchairs or a small bench, plus a small table will be the perfect resting area.

Alternatively, you can put a rocking chair or stools made of tree rings on the balcony. Garden furniture made from pallets also fit in perfectly with the rustic style

  1. Plants for the balcony

A rural, idyllic atmosphere is inevitably associated with nature, carefreeness, and picking wild flowers. That’s why a rustic balcony can’t lack green accents. Besides plants in pots or boxes, flowerbeds hanging from the ceiling from which ivy meanders or grape vines grow look interesting.

When choosing plants, it’s important to select species according to the conditions which prevail on the balcony. If your balcony gets a lot of sunlight most of the time, i.e. on a south-facing side, it’s worth planting lots of flowers. Which are the best?

  • sanwitalia,
  • lantanas,
  • petunias,
  • surfinias,
  • geraniums,
  • sherbet sage,
  • verbenas.

There are also many plants that thrive better in more shady spaces. If your balcony is shady, then a better choice would be:

  • fuchsias,
  • impatiens,
  • hydrangeas,
  • ferns,
  • begonias.
  1. Practical and stylish accessories

Rustic style on the balcony is created primarily by carefully selected decorations and accessories. All baskets, chests, pots, colorful pillows and blankets will give a country atmosphere. Decorations made of wicker, feathers, or materials resembling animal skins can be an ideal motif. However, it is worth ensuring that the balcony remains a practical place, which in addition to beautiful appearance is also functional.

  1. Lighting a rustic balcony

Undoubtedly, an important issue is adequate lighting, which allows you to spend pleasant moments on the balcony also in the evenings and at night. A rural, idyllic atmosphere can be achieved by decorating the balcony with lanterns or candlesticks.

An interesting effect can be achieved by placing candles inside a large glass jar. Additionally, it is worth hanging delicate lights on the ceiling or a chandelier in its central point

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  1. Flooring on the balcony

When decorating a balcony in a rustic style, you can not forget about the right choice of flooring. If you’re still before finishing your apartment, it’s worth putting wooden planks on the balcony, after properly impregnating them. Wood composite planks are easier to care for. When you just want to slightly change the character of the existing balcony, you can put a wicker or bamboo carpet on the floor

  1. A vegetable garden on your balcony

A great way to relax on the balcony is to grow vegetables on it. Limited space doesn’t allow for a large plantation, but it gives you the opportunity to put a box of cherry tomato seedlings or pots of herbs.

Taking care of your own crops is a very relaxing activity, and besides, there’s nothing tastier than a tomato straight from the bush

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