How to warm up a raw eclectic interior?

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Eclectic style gives the interior a raw, even “cold” look. There are several interior tricks, which will visually warm up such interior.


One of the most important elements of the visual warming of the interior is appropriate lighting. A warm atmospheric climate can be introduced by means of lamps:

  • standing,
  • wall lamps,
  • ceiling.

In stores you can find a lot of different interesting models of lamps, which will perfectly warm up a rough eclectic interior.

Many interior decorators believe that diffused light from ceiling lamps or standing lamps has a very relaxing effect. When choosing a lamp for the interior should be guided by:

  • the shape of the fixture,
  • the color of the light.

The color of the light creates a mood, and the fixture should match the rest of the interior. In eclectic style, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and spot lights will be perfect. The choice of the appropriate lamp for such an interior can only be limited by imagination and the size of the wallet.


A carpet is one of the elements, which will beautifully warm up a strict eclectic interior. Many interior decorators believe that a carpet in an interior should perform the function of visual warming and decoration of the room.

Very often a carpet changes the interior, for example in a monochromatic interior a colored carpet draws attention, changing the character of the entire room.

Soft carpets are very comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing – they perfectly warm up an eclectic interior. Shaggy carpets, which have been very popular for a few seasons, are the best choice for this purpose – they look impressive and are nice to touch

A plush rug is perfect for warming up an eclectic bedroom and will enhance the original design of the whole interior.


Potted plants have a very positive effect on the home microclimate – they produce oxygen, absorb moisture from the apartment and purify the air. Plants in the home are a timeless way to warm up any even the most austere interior.

Potted plants in the past and today

In the 20th century, the queen of domestic flowers was the fern. It could be found in almost every apartment, school and office. For a few seasons now, the most fashionable potted flowers are those from the palm family, such as chamedoras, chamomile, and the cucurbitaceae.

  • chamedora,
  • monstera,
  • areca,
  • yucca,
  • date palm.

Recently, very fashionable are compositions of succulents and cacti. Such compositions fit virtually any interior.

Plants in decorative pots, which are placed on windowsills or decorative flowerbeds perfectly emphasize the style of the interior. Choose plant species that match the style of your interior.

Plants in an eclectic interior

Plants in an eclectic interior give it a unique atmosphere. Often one large and spreading plant is enough, e.g. dracaena, recently fashionable monstera or ficus in bonsai style. The more original the shape of the plant, the better. For eclectic interiors it is good to choose pots in subdued neutral colors – they make a perfect background for an interesting plant.

To interiors in eclectic style fit also compositions in glass (they are recently very popular). You can buy one of two types of such compositions:

  • plants in tightly closed containers,
  • plants placed in open glass vessels.

TOP 10 plants suitable for eclectic interior:

  1. royal palm,
  2. chamedora refined,
  3. canary date palm,
  4. monstera,
  5. yucca,
  6. monstera hollow,
  7. ficus,
  8. sweeping bush,
  9. coral palm,
  10. sagebrush.

An eclectic interior can be warmed up with potted plants, a rug, and lighting. Everyone will find the perfect addition to warm up their interior.

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