How to combine colors and materials? See original combinations!

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When decorating your home, you have to make a lot of decisions about the colors and fabrics that will go in it. See how to do it skillfully and avoid chaos.

The right mix of hues and textures can make a huge difference to the look of your home, give it character and contribute to the well-being of your family and guests inside. Hasty choices can keep you up at night for months or even years

As a result, instead of enjoying coming home and relaxing after a hard day’s work, you will be looking for excuses to spend as little time as possible in your home. What rules to follow to avoid mishaps? How to use paint and material to make a small room seem spacious? Find the answers below

How to combine colors in a room?

How to use the color wheel?

When choosing colors in the interiors the most important thing is your sense of aesthetics. After all, you will be spending most of your time there and you need to feel good. Before you start designing your home, look for the color wheel on the Internet. This graphic model will make your decision easier. You can use the template in three ways: monochromatic, related and complementary. Use the first method if you want a harmonious and consistent effect. Choose different shades of the same color. They are located on the same bar one below the other

Use the next rule when you want your arrangement to be colorful, but also consistent and balanced. Then bet on related colors. They are placed next to each other on a circle. The last rule, or complement, is intended rather for larger interiors. If you want to apply it in a small room, do it very carefully. It consists in choosing contrasting colors. They lie opposite to each other. This will be a much more daring solution.

Original color combinations at home

How to combine colors and materials? Meet the 5 most intriguing color pairs

The first to earn this title is dark green and gold. This elegant combination will appeal to all fans of jewelry

Another idea may be navy blue and pink. Dark navy blue will be softened with subtle pink

Or maybe the third proposal will appeal to you the most? It is turquoise and lime. Very fashionable in recent seasons. In such interior you will feel refreshed all the time.

You think grey is boring? Combine it with mustard. It will turn out an original miracle. And at the very end maroon and white. This very original combination will bring a romantic mood into your home.

Visual tricks

Painting walls in a light color, placing pastel or white furniture and decorating the whole with smooth ornaments will make the room seem larger and more spacious. Natural light will perfectly reflect from such spaces and will give a glow, thus illuminating the whole. Choosing dark colors will have the opposite effect and will cause the effect of diminution of the premises. There is also a way to optically warm up the room

You can achieve this when you choose from a palette of interior shades that are natural, such as browns or beiges. But you may also want to cool your home. This will be especially useful with loft and industrial styles. If this is your plan, go for cold colors such as grays, blues and dirty whites. Not sure exactly which color is cold? Go back to the color wheel. Warm colors range from medium green through yellow, orange and red to medium purple. The other semicircle with all shades of blue are cold colors.

How to combine fabrics in the interior?

The cost of fabrics is much less than the price of paint and the service of a construction company. Thus, you can adjust your pillowcases and curtains according to the season. In summer, enjoy lounging on a silk or satin pillow that doesn’t heat up as quickly. How do you combine fabrics and colors in your interior?

In winter, change all fabrics and use those furry or plush, such as velour, which will be nice to cuddle up to on a cold day with a cup of hot tea. The colors of all blankets, throws, pillows and curtains should match the colors of the walls and furniture in your home

If you’ve chosen a monochromatic or related color scheme, you might be tempted to go for more diverse additions that will transform your interiors. However, if you have used the complementary rule, then choose all fabrics in similar shades. You don’t want to bring confusion to your retreat, do you?

You can see for yourself that combining colors and textures is no easy task. Take your time to do this so you won’t regret it later

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