3 practical and stylish bathroom accessories

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Practical bathroom accessories can also be stylish. For there are plenty of interesting options on the market that are worth checking out to create a unique, original room.

The hand shower

Classic overhead showers

If you’re on a budget or just want to upgrade your bathtub, a wall-mounted shower head is the perfect choice. You can change a wall-mounted showerhead by simply unscrewing the existing part and screwing on a new one. However, be careful not to break the shower arm when unscrewing the old head

Handheld showerheads

With the extra reach and control offered by a long hose, a handheld shower head can help you perform a number of tasks, including bathing children and pets, washing hair and rinsing the shower stall. Handheld showers are wall-mounted and can come with accessories

Top-mounted showerheads

Top-mounted showerheads, also known as rainfall jet showers, are placed directly over the head of the bather for a pleasant experience. They can be suspended from a pendant or mounted flush to the ceiling. Unlike the easy replacement of a standard handset, installing a top-mounted showerhead requires significant plumbing upgrades. Choose from traditional single spray showerheads to models with multiple adjustable jets and colorful lighting.

If you are looking for unusual showerheads, bet on the store – you can then get an original and elegant look, especially if you decide to complement it with additional accessories.


Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are a popular choice because of their hidden storage space. Ideal for mounting above a sink, a mirrored cabinet will hold cosmetics, products and medications while providing easy access to them while using the sink and mirror.

Ample storage space makes mirror cabinets a popular choice for family bathrooms, but the minimalist design and discreet hanging elements make them ideal for more contemporary designs as well.

Framed mirror

Framed mirrors sit flush against the wall, and their uncomplicated design makes them perfect for almost any bathroom. If you’re looking for a simple, timeless style or something minimal to complement your contemporary space, a simple square or rectangular mirror will be the perfect partner.

You can choose a framed mirror from a wide range of sizes to fit your space – square and rectangular designs can be hung vertically or horizontally. For a simple, minimalist look. The ultra-thin design with clean lines will complement modern spaces.

Illuminated mirrors and LED mirrors

Unlike standard mirrors that simply reflect light into the room, an illuminated mirror gives off a soft, warm light that will gently greet you during your morning grooming routine. If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, an illuminated mirror can add warm light to the room by providing additional illumination

If you’re looking for storage space in your bathroom but want all the benefits of an illuminated mirror, you can get that with an illuminated cabinet

Soap dispenser


The material of the dispenser should be strong and durable. This affects its capabilities and longevity. Glass, ceramic, bronze, stainless steel, brass and plastic are common materials. Plastic soap dispensers can function for a while if the plastic is of high quality. They are suitable for those on a budget.Those made of stainless steel, brass and bronze are stronger and more durable compared to other materials, while glass and ceramic are fragile, so they may not be the best choice for bathrooms that are often used by children.

Classic and automated dispensers

A manual soap dispenser features easier filling and requires little maintenance. It is used with the push of a button or a pump. Automatic soap dispensers are modern and convenient devices. In addition, they are touchless and require batteries to operate.

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