Vintage radio – perfect for the kitchen

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Vintage radio can be a perfect addition to the kitchen in the same style. It will make cooking time more pleasant. Currently available very interesting models, which do not differ in modernity from the radios made in a more contemporary style.

Vintage radio – a real hit of electronics

Vintage radio resembles the size of old radios known from the 60s, which instead of buttons had knobs. However, with this type of radio we can listen to music from CDs, and even many of them have Bluetooth, but their casing and size is deceptively similar to the old radios. They can be a great complement to a kitchen in the style of the 50s or 60s. They will probably quickly take us back to the old times, without having to sacrifice good sound quality

Listening to contemporary music on such a radio can be quite an experience. Wooden casing and stylized knobs give us the impression that we are going back in time and instead of Rihanna we can hear Frank Sinatra singing from the speakers.

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