What is the difference between an eco-friendly home and a traditional home?

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Global warming, the widening ozone hole, environmental degradation. Each of these climate problems, made people start to see that ecology is really important in our lives. Changes in thinking on this subject have occurred in many areas of our lives. The food industry, the automotive industry and the construction industry. More and more often we can meet with ecological houses. What are such buildings?

Ecological houses – why people started to protect the environment?

More and more often in Poland are built ecological houses. They are not yet as popular as in Western countries, but their number is growing every year. Ecological houses are primarily energy-efficient. These are buildings that allow you to save money. Ecological house is not only about saving energy. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. An energy efficient house and an ecological house are not the same thing. What exactly is the ecological house you can check in the article available at Poles are beginning to realize that the degradation of the environment, the problems of global warming, are not imagination. Therefore, more and more often we can meet with the ecological approach to life. Segregation of waste, electric cars and just ecological houses

Ecological vs. traditional house – what materials should be used?

Traditional house is usually built of bricks or hollow blocks. It is cheaper material but its production is dangerous for natural environment. Hollow bricks and bricks also enable quick construction of the house. They are also available in every building store. In the case of ecological houses, the materials that are used are those that minimize later exploitation costs of the house. During their production and use no harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. They are also friendly to household members and do not cause any allergies. One of the most frequently chosen materials is wood, clay or stone

What are the biggest differences between an ecological house and a traditional house?

Differences in the process of construction of ecological and traditional houses can be seen at virtually every stage, starting with the location of the buildings. In the case of the former, the property should not interfere with the natural environment. It must be positioned according to the circulation of the sun. Traditional houses are built in any available location. What matters is the proximity to public transport and other necessary infrastructure mainly stores and schools

Traditional houses are cheaper than ecological ones. This has to do with the availability of materials. The design of an ecological house is also more expensive. Buildings that favor nature are usually simple. This makes it easy for you to seal them and you don’t risk heat loss. Conventional homes, on the other hand, usually have a complex design. The roof finish is also different. Reed or slate is an eco-friendly solution. Traditional houses are covered with metal sheet tiles, tar paper. Adhesives and preparations that are toxic are used to install them

The consumption of electricity is also higher in traditional houses. It is often as much as 180 kWh perm2 per year. In the ecological house it is about 40 kWh perm2 per year. As a result, operating costs are also lower. The bills are almost halved. The house also needs to be insured. To find the right offer, use the comparison engine available at

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