Brick tiles in a modern kitchen – inspirations

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It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Undoubtedly, it is so, so when arranging this key place for the whole family it is worth focusing on the element, which in addition to a cozy character also gives the room a modern style. We are talking about tiles in shape of bricks.

Why just brick?

The brick tiles are the last fashion trend which has already permanently entered the Polish houses. Depending on your preferences, they are associated with old tiled stoves or Paris metro. We can observe them in living rooms and bathrooms, but the most popular place for their use are kitchen walls, specifically the space between the worktop and wall cabinets. It also happens that they appear in the form of a strip over the floor or in the middle of the wall.

The unquestionable advantage of such solution is decorative style and pragmatism – thanks to it, we can protect the wall from dirt which can be easily removed directly from the surface of ceramic brick. The common feature of such bricks, irrespective of their intended use, is their small size, usually 20 × 20 cm. As a result, they can be easily laid in hard accessible nooks and crannies

It is worth emphasizing that their assembly is not exceptionally complicated – just a little bit of glue and manual skills is enough to obtain impressive effect. Of course, if there is such a need, for your own peace of mind you can use the services of a skilled builder.

Suggestions for the use of brick tiles in the kitchen

The choice of ceramic bricks should be thought out in advance, and the space on which they will be placed, designed in such a way that they harmonize with the furniture and interior design elements. Depending on the style which is to dominate in our kitchen, we should also think over their color, shape, size and composition. Sometimes it is worth to seek advice of an experienced interior designer so that the visual reception of the room creates a coherent whole.

The most popular combination of ceramic bricks is the juxtaposition of light-colored tiles with white, modern furniture, which is relatively universal. The decision to leave a dark, contrasting space just above the line of tiles will additionally emphasize the presence of ceramic tiles, thanks to which we will obtain a spacious, bright interior of a cozy character. The opposite trend is also increasingly used – black tiles and furniture that remain in light shades.

White ceramic tiles can also be found in very modern rooms or in glamour style, where seemingly incompatible elements are intentionally combined – the coldness of raw concrete, steel countertops, massive furniture and colorful inserts in irregular intervals between bricks. This combination certainly can not remain unnoticed.

Bricks in the kitchen are an inseparable element of the kitchen in the rustic style. They perfectly fit into the image of a cottage straight from past eras and, together with the tiled stove, symbolize the warmth of the home hearth. When characteristic clay pots, copper hooks for kitchen utensils or wreaths of withered herbs appear next to them, nobody doubts that it is the right place to spend at least several moments.

Without ceramic bricks there is also no kitchen in Scandinavian style. White tiles, natural wood, pragmatism and simplicity become a mosaic of beauty, characteristic of the peoples of northern Europe.

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