How to choose the size of the carpet for the interior?

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After several years of absence they return to our interiors, decorating them, creating a pleasant, cozy atmosphere and providing softness underfoot. We are of course talking about carpets. If you are planning to use one in your house or apartment you should check how to choose the right size of a carpet to make it look perfect!

The right rug for the living room?

Carpets in living room interiors should be first of all adjusted to their size. Therefore the rule in this case is simple. The bigger the living room, the bigger the area of the carpet should be. When choosing a carpet for a living room, which is to be placed under the lounge furniture, you should pay attention that its width is bigger than the furniture at least 15 centimeters. This way it will stick out from under the furniture, provide comfort and look very good

In case of small living rooms, choosing a carpet under the sofa, instead of deciding on a model completely placed under it, you can bet on one that will be placed only under the front legs of the furniture. It will not overwhelm the interior and will not optically reduce it

How to choose a carpet for the dining room?

In dining rooms, carpets will look best when placed under tables that are appropriately matched to their size. When it comes to the shape of the rug, it should also match the shape of the table

What size bedroom carpet should I choose?

When it comes to placing rugs in the bedroom, there are two options. The first option is to place the rug underneath the bed and bedside tables, so that the area of the rug extends beyond the furniture. The first choice is to place the rug under the bed and bedside tables, so that it extends beyond the contours of the furniture.

If you have a small bedroom, place two small rugs on either side of the bed, more or less in the middle. When you get up in the morning, instead of stepping on the cold floor, you will put your feet up on a soft rug, which will be much more pleasant.

How do I measure the size of a carpet?

Knowing already how you can place the carpet in the interior, it is also worth knowing how to accurately measure its dimensions so that you can find the right model in the store. The simplest and most effective method in this case is to set the furniture in the way it is supposed to be set, when you put the carpet on the floor. Then you need to stick out with painter’s tape its target area. This way we will visually see if the assumed width and length of the carpet will be appropriate for the arrangement or if it needs some changes to make the whole thing look perfect

Wrongly dimensioned carpet

Although it may seem that the size of a carpet is an unimportant issue, taking into consideration that it has to be matched with the arrangement in terms of its pattern and color, its wrong size can have unpleasant effects on the comfort of its use

A rug that is too small can cause that

  • its edges will curl up when, for example, pushing chairs away from the table,
  • it becomes the cause of falls when it ends between furniture in a passage,
  • disturb the perspective in the interior

Excessively large carpets can give the impression of a carpet that blends with the ground and looks unsightly. That is why it is so important that before buying a carpet for the interior, carefully measure the place where it is to be located, so that it has the right size.

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