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New York style is a combination of practicality and good taste. In such apartments, the space reserved for the kitchen intermingles with the living room. Such a layout makes it possible to have a rich social and family life. 

It is worth introducing such a layout into your home! How to cleverly and, above all, visually attractive combine the kitchen with the living room? Here’s how New Yorkers do it!

Impressive apartment in New York style

New York style is characterized by openness. Most rooms, especially the living room and kitchen, are devoid of doors and a clear separation of these zones. In a way, the inspiration for this is the apartment from the cult TV series “Friends”. 

In addition, the element that distinguishes this style is also a sofa located with its back to the open kitchen. It is, so to speak, the point where the living room begins. Often in a New York kitchen you can find a round, very stylish table, which makes it connected to the dining room as well.

Such treatments reveal a great deal about the culture of New Yorkers themselves. It appears that we can take an example from them when it comes to building relationships. Thanks to open spaces, all household members are close to each other and do not isolate themselves behind closed doors. But that’s not all, functional islands are also perfect for preparing food or creating a bar. The possibilities are really many.

How to arrange an open kitchen in a New York climate?

Contrary to appearances, organizing a unique kitchen preserved in a New York climate should not give you trouble. You just need to follow a few simple rules. Certainly, you should completely forget about the walls. Bet on large spaces, which are enriched with functional furniture in good style. 

It looks great to combine cabinets in an industrial climate with a brick wall, as well as a wooden table. It will warm up the atmosphere and make the room cozy. If you are brave, you can also opt for colorful chairs, which are absolutely adorable – any interior decorator will tell you!

Remember, however, that you must choose one of the versions, either an island or a table in the kitchen. If you prefer an island to appear in the place where you prepare food as an additional cooking space, the table can be placed in the living room. Don’t forget to place a large, soft couch nearby, with its back to the island, of course, so that you can comfortably reach for a bowl of chips or drinks. The classic, slightly rustic style combined with a classic island is also great, it will give the interior a mass of homey, idyllic atmosphere. We guarantee that in such a kitchen until you want to cook!

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