What lamps to choose for boho style?

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For several years one of the most popular ways of interior design is boho style. Its inseparable element are characteristic accessories, among which there can be no lack of lamps.

History of the style

To understand the key principles of the style, it is worth going back to the times of the French Revolution. At that time, the artistic bohemians led a minimalist lifestyle, far from the current standards. Its members wore unfashionable clothes that were bitten by the tooth of time and were often too big or did not fit in at all.

Due to frequent moving around, they also followed the same principle in arranging their interiors. In this way, they exhibited their individualism, autonomy, artistry, and freedom from the prevailing norms or rules, which in the 1960s also became the symbol of the hippies

Characteristics of the style

Today boho style is synonymous with freedom and nonchalance. It is a modern variation on past eras, an intriguing combination of industrialism, naturalism and ethnicity. No one will pass by it indifferently.

The most important features of the style include:

  • rich colors, preferably referring to natural shades, but also playful, with lots of non-standard combinations, contrasts and contradictory arrangements,
  • natural or recycled materials, e.g. cotton, linen, wicker, rattan in a mix of various textures and patterns,
  • lots of soft elements, building a cozy decor, such as seats, blankets, pillows and patchworks,
  • fascination with exotic orient, in the form of maps, travel souvenirs, bedspreads with African patterns, hand-decorated dishes, sculptures, pottery, lace or macramé.

What lamps to choose for boho style?

Knowing the basic principles of the style, the answer should be simple, however, nothing more misleading. Boho is the opposite of minimalism, but it does not tolerate exaggeration. It is supposed to express a wide autonomy and thinking outside the box, so no purchase should be dependent on the current standards

Simply put – the choice of lamp is purely a matter of subjective feeling, so we have prepared just a few proposals that you can use.

Lashing pendant lamp

This proposal meets all the criteria of boho style. It is made of seagrass and its shape is reminiscent of distant Asian countries. You can easily buy it online for a few hundred zlotys. An alternative to this solution is a wicker lampshade.

Macramé lamp

A light bulb, a metal hoop, a patterned braid on it. There is nothing more to add – macramé is a hallmark of boho style. An undeniable advantage of such lighting is a very low price, up to 300 PLN.

Hanging lamp made of coconut leaves

Hanging lamp from coconut leaves is a solution that works perfectly at the kitchen table. Extremely minimalist, yet intriguing design makes it worth every penny. Less than 200 PLN is a great price for such an accessory.

Rope pendant lamp

This solution is becoming more and more popular. It consists of bamboo, a piece of jute and several bulbs hanging on a thick rope. Simplicity at its best is in this case connected with the expense of a few hundred zlotys.

Hat-shaped rattan lamp

This is definitely the most extravagant and the most expensive proposal in this set, since it reaches almost 1500 PLN a piece. However, its impressive size, natural material and warm color make it worth investing in.

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