What should be included in a home office?

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More and more people are working remotely, creating their own office in one of the rooms. We suggest what things should be in it to work well in it.

When decorating your own office, you don’t have to limit yourself – the most important thing is that it should be decorated according to your tastes. When it comes to the desk, the piece of furniture should, first of all, accommodate a laptop or computer, and at the same time there must remain free space for notes. A good solution is a corner desk, in which you can spread a much larger amount of “paperwork”. As for the height of the desk, it should range from 70 to 80 cm.

The second key piece of furniture is an armchair, which should be properly adjusted to our spine. An adjustable chair, whose seat can be individually adjusted, will work best. It should also have a lumbar cushion.

Hours spent in a sitting position are certainly detrimental to health, especially if we do not have the so-called principle of ergonomics. The height of the chair or armchair should be set so that the armrests are more or less at the height of the desk top. When we sit at the desk and place our hands on the keyboard, the bend at the elbow should form a right angle. At the same time, the feet should lie flat on the floor, and the bent knees must form a 90-degree angle.

If the room is too sunny, it is worth investing in blinds or shutters. This will prevent the sun from reflecting in the monitor. Another important issue is the proper positioning of the desk lamp. Its light should be directed primarily at the keyboard, mouse and notes.

What accessories and extras to choose?

The space allocated for the office should be as uncluttered as possible, so timeless minimalism will work best. We spend a good part of the day in the home office, so the whole aesthetics must blend with our tastes, and the arrangement should introduce a friendly atmosphere. A fern will do well in a home office, as it absorbs harmful radiation and produces a lot of oxygen. It is worth putting your favorite plant on the desk as well, so that the space is not too austere.

Recently, wall clocks are also a fashionable design element. The choice of a clock as a wall decoration is most often consistent with the style of the entire interior. In an office, it is worth betting on simple clocks that will fit everywhere. Often it is the clock that is the focal point of the office – then it is worth betting on hand-glued hands, the diameter of which varies up to 1 meter, so it will be visible on the entire wall.

A home office doesn’t need much furniture, but in addition to a desk, it’s worth betting on a simple bookcase or shelves for binders or folders with documents. Enough shelves will keep things organized. In addition, it’s worth investing in boxes and desk organizers to hold pens, stapler, punch and other gadgets. On the wall above your desk, it’s a good idea to hang a chalkboard or magnetic board where you can write down current ideas.

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