Positioning, and real time marketing in the gardening industry – how do they interact?

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Nowadays you can find everything on the web – from specialized and very large stores (e-commerce), through portfolios, catalogs and portals and blogs. The Internet has completely changed the world and made ordering goods by mail order easier and easier, and now everyone can afford to place an order without leaving home, waiting in traffic jams and queues. Not without reason, more and more entrepreneurs are going online, who see in e-commerce by far the best chance to earn a lot of money, without engaging high resources, such as hiring employees for direct service or renting exclusive premises. Unfortunately, along with the popularity of e-commerce, competition also increases. Although the largest companies certainly do not win in terms of image without engaging huge finances, with smaller companies you can manage without much trouble. Just decide on positioning and combine it with real-time marketing. You do not have to wait long for the effects – Orlando SEO Services and SEO marketing Los Angeles are here to help!

Why is SEO necessary?

Every website, after being made available, will at some point be indexed by Google crawling robots. Let the experts from Orlando SEO Services explain – these are small scripts which visit practically every publicly available website in order to download all relevant data and parameters from it. The data obtained in this way are passed on to the algorithm, which calculates the position and value of a given site compared to others. The calculations are rigorous and very precise – Google wants the customer, typing his chosen question in the search box, to get exactly what he was looking for. It is worth to learn about this process using a simple example:

  • an Internet user types the phrase “men’s nike sports shoes” into the search field;  
  • The Google search engine after having searched its resources in a fraction of a second will display appropriate results in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing;
  • All the pages that appear highest in the results will certainly be Nike sports shoe stores;

It is worthwhile for your website to be among the top results as well. How to do this? Positioning is the answer. This process, also known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization, consists of adjusting the entire website in terms of Google’s algorithm expectations and this also what Orlando SEO Services offers. Meeting all of them means achieving a very high position in the chosen key phrase. The result? A huge influx of customers in the form of organic (free) traffic. Find out the difference between SEO and Google Ads.

Learn the basics about online positioning

Positioning is one of the most difficult processes on the web, which involves several hundred individual steps, for example implementing a CMS like Magento SEO. Some of them are fundamental, while others only further enhance the effectiveness of the chosen SEO agency. Due to the level of complexity, the tasks are divided into three distinct stages.

SEO marketing Los Angeles concentrates mainly on the first stage, known as an SEO audit, the first and foremost thing to do is to precisely analyze the entire site and its current state. This task has several significant advantages. Firstly, it enables you to design a campaign, secondly, it facilitates the calculation of pricing, and thirdly, it improves communication with the client. In the second stage – on-site, any changes should be made directly to the site. All of them concern mainly the source code of the website. Be sure to learn what friendly URLs are – this knowledge will be essential at this stage. In the third stage – off-site, you should build a large base of backlinks that will lead directly to your website during the positioning process. SEO marketing Los Angeles has a lot of experience in building a backlink base, which everyone should pay attention to as they intensify the traffic inside the website, which is extremely important when it comes to e-commerce.

Real time marketing – what is it?

Positioning and real-time marketing – is there any sense in combining these two activities? Definitely yes! Real-time marketing is loved by Orlando SEO Services although it is a relatively new form of advertising which consists in creating campaigns and referring to current events from the region, country and world. In this way, you can get closer to your customers and appear as a company that is up to date with all relevant news. This opportunity has been created by access to the internet.

In real-time marketing, you can bet on situations that are literally hours or days old, as well as events that are predictable and you can create a more customized advertising campaign around them, such as holidays, vacation days, famous sports events, concerts or politics. Some entrepreneurs are finding out the hard way that their marketing reflexes can be the start of a world-famous viral. 

Real-time marketing, however, requires familiarity, some knowledge, and a lot of creativity. In many cases, trying to relate to current events “by force” can lead to many unfavorable reactions from customers. It is also not a good idea to shock and take sides – very often customers have divided opinions, which may result in harming a larger or smaller part of your target group.

Get interested in SEO as it is a method for success in modern marketing. Implementing a content management system like Magento SEO and implementing a strategy will definitely increase the effectiveness of your site, not to mention increase visibility in the case of e-commerce. Magento SEO, implemented in collaboration with the right agency, will ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything. Interactive agencies are the best solution for e-business and there is no point in postponing it further. 

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  • Paul Pitter 21.07.2022

    Posicioning is not very hard but you need to understand some of the mechanisms if your want to do it on your own. I prefer to do it with agency but of course it is connected to paiing for it monthly. With SEO Agency the results could be much bigger but it is up to you.

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