How to change the design of a piece of furniture yourself?

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Instead of buying new furniture, more and more people are choosing to change the look of the ones they already own. Do you want to change the design of your furniture yourself? We suggest how to do it.

Paint or veneer

The easiest way to change the look of your furniture is to paint it. This will give them a new lease of life and can also prove to be an interesting way to spend your time.

Before you start painting, you will need sandpaper. You need to use it to dull the surface. Then you need to clean the furniture from the dust and degrease it, using for example dish liquid. If the old coating is still on the furniture, it should be removed with a scraper. Before you start painting the furniture, it is a good idea to disassemble it as simply as possible.

It is best to use a primer paint first so that the actual paint will hold up better. Then you can apply the paint in the color of your choice. To make sure that the color will be even, it is best to paint the furniture in thin layers, applying the next layers only after it is completely dry.

We often decide to remodel veneer furniture. For such, acrylic paints for wood and metal will work best. It is best to use them for furniture that is not very often used. Such paints can be diluted in water and, what is important, they are safe for health. At the same time they provide good durability and coverage. On furniture that is more heavily used, on the other hand, oil paints will work better.

Instead of paint you can also bet on the veneer. It should be flexible and self-adhesive, because it will make the assembly and subsequent use of furniture easier. Too rigid veneers are not suitable for large surfaces, especially vertical ones.

Change the details

Even the simplest thing can change the look of a piece of furniture. So if you do not want to completely change the design of your favorite piece of furniture, rely on smaller furniture accessories. For example, you can change the legs of your table or chairs or the handles of your kitchen furniture. If you decide on new accessories, make sure that they match the design of the whole interior. The color scheme of the furniture and new accessories is important, but also their style. New handles should match other handles that are already in the room. Usually, it is not too difficult to change handles or arms.

It is also worth deciding on changing only a part of the furniture. In such a situation, you will need accessories, which will allow the furniture to operate without any problems, such as drawer runners. All sorts of metal elements go well with wooden furniture. Even the hinges can make the dresser look completely different. You can also decide to remove the doors and replace a closed piece of furniture with an open one.

New upholstery

A very good way to change the design of old chairs, sofas or armchairs is to change their upholstery. The new fabric may completely change the character of the piece of furniture and the whole interior. When choosing the upholstery fabric you should pay attention to several aspects. The most important is how often we will use the given piece of furniture. The thickness of the fabric has an influence on how durable it is. It is also worth paying attention to whether the fabric is resistant to various types of dirt and abrasion.

Apart from this, the fabric should be resistant to fading and stretching. It would be good if it was easy to clean. When choosing a fabric for the upholstery, it is also important if it is anti-bacterial. The most commonly chosen fabrics are velour, plush or skai.

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