Pipes in the apartment – to cover or expose?

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It would seem that the pipes in an apartment should not be a problem, especially when they are hidden. However, more and more people decide to show them. Is it really worth it?

Visible pipes in the kitchen, bathroom or room are a problem, or on the contrary, a fashionable trend? It depends on the style in which the apartment is decorated, but also on individual aesthetic preferences of household members.

Visible pipes in the room. What to do with them?

Hydraulic or heating – such pipes are usually visible in apartments. Of course, they are indispensable, but often look unsightly, especially if they run for example through the room (although most often they are in the bathroom).

There are also situations where the piping in the house is even in the middle of a particular room, which in most cases forces us to install a central pole to hide it. However, there are many ways to make them not disfigure the interior. Currently, for example, you can make them a decorative element

How to cleverly cover visible pipes in the apartment?

We usually decide to hide the pipes if they are located in the bathroom. One of the most popular ways to hide visible piping is with a plasterboard superstructure. This is a simple trick to mask especially the pipes on the ceiling or those running at the top of the wall. It is also possible to enclose the bathtub and the area around the washbasin in such a way as to effectively cover the pipes that run above the ground

It is also quite interesting and proven to be a good idea to place some furniture under the wall to sit on, which will cover the pipes running underneath. An original patent can also be to add a special niche covered with cushions-a’la bench. What if the pipes in the bathroom run near the window? Then you can easily cover them, simply by hanging a curtain in the window

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If you can’t cover them, then expose them

If there is no chance to hide the pipes visible in the apartment, then maybe it is worth approaching the problem a little differently and make of them an interesting decoration, fitting into the arrangement of our interior.

Visible pipes in the apartment are a treat especially for fans of industrial style. Then you can try to emphasize the appearance of the pipes themselves and use them in a quite original way as a decorative element. On interior design websites you will find plenty of inspiration.

Visible pipes can also be painted with paint, even in the color of the walls – it is a great way to mask them. Of course, this will not make the pipes disappear from the field of view, but they will not be so conspicuous and maybe they will somewhat fit into the idea of arranging the whole room. Especially in the mentioned industrial style interiors, pipes in copper or brick tones will look very beneficial. They will perfectly fit into the depth of this style.

Quite austere style of pipes on the ceiling in the space of industrial loft type premises will decorate spacious rooms. For example, copper pipes in industrial design will perfectly enrich the bathroom in shades of white.

It is enough to have an idea for the pipes in the apartment

A good idea for the functional use of visible pipes in the apartment is also the way to achieve an interesting interior finish. On the elements of the installation near the kitchen you can hang kitchen accessories. Such a hanger in industrial style should be painted in distinctive shades.

On the pipes visible in the bathroom you can also hang decorative towels, and in the living room you can make a functional bookcase out of steel pipes. It is worth to know that raw colors of pipes combined with plants will create an interesting modern combination and will enliven our interior. Metal elements harmonize very well especially with white interiors, but they also harmonize quite well with wooden floor, and even with concrete and resin.

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