Wicker accessories – inspiration

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dodatki z wikliny

Wicker as well as all other natural materials are gaining popularity in interior design. Raw wood, pampas grass, linen or wicker make the interiors more cosy. In combination with a lot of flowers they reign this season in living rooms!

Furniture not only for terrace

Wicker furniture will bring warmth to the interior and make the arrangement come true in a natural way. You can decorate them with bright cushions made of pleasant material. Then spending time on the sofa or armchair will be even more pleasant


Home flowers are increasingly winning our hearts. That’s why beautiful, wicker-woven flowerbeds probably won’t surprise anyone in this list. This is a practical and effective use of wicker for everyone


If you prefer to keep your flowers in baskets as covers, wicker will also work well here. You can also hide things in baskets that are strewn about the room, or blankets and cushions. There are thousands of uses for wicker baskets, so choose the right one for you.

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