Marine style living room accessories – holiday vibes all year round!

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Vacation memories can be preserved not only in photographs, but also through interior design in nautical style. This applies mainly to the living room, but also the kitchen or bathroom. A very important role is played by stylish accessories, which need to be properly selected.

What is the maritime style?

It is about such style of arrangement, which refers to vacations, overseas trips and everything, which is connected with the sea. It should be expressive, which is easiest to achieve thanks to attractive accessories. Their repertoire is very wide, because the rule is one: they must always be associated with a nautical atmosphere

Naval style colors

Three basic colors dominate: white, red and navy blue. The first of them is most often dominant, whereas navy blue is alternated with blue, indigo, turquoise or ultramarine. Red, and sometimes yellow, are used as a counterpoint. However, they are very important – it is on them that the expressive character of the style depends

Accessories in the maritime style

Marine style is associated with expressive aesthetics. That is why sea and vacation motifs often recur in it. Which are the most stylish?

Favorite motifs

Anchor, shell, sailboat, fish, but also jute rope motifs are certainly common. Interestingly, some of these motifs are not only used in home interiors, but can also be perfect decorative motifs for wedding receptions and themed parties.

The most important materials

Marine decorations are primarily made of wood. Not only is it associated with old-time sailing, but virtually any shade of it goes well with white and navy blue colors. Old or intentionally aged wood works great – in any case raw and without unnecessary embellishments. Shells of all kinds also look good. When it comes to fabrics , it is also best to go for natural products such as linen or canvas. If they are dyed, then also in white or navy blue color. Braided baskets also look good

The most important nautical decorations

Among the most frequently chosen are:

  • steering wheels for the wall – it is difficult to find a more beautiful display of wood in a nautical interior;
  • imitation anchors for the wall – they can be metal, but you can also find painted wooden or even fabric anchors;
  • models of sailing ships – necessarily with sails referring to typically nautical colors: white, navy blue or striped;
  • nautical pillows – with anchor motifs and in white and navy blue
  • stylized lifebuoys – usually with inscriptions;
  • wooden clocks with jute dials – jute cord goes well with nautical style;
  • maps of the world – it can be a tasteful reproduction in wood;
  • globes – apart from typical, known from school, you can bet on models stylized on earlier centuries, e.g. with metal decorations;
  • oars on the wall – a reference more associated with the lakes, than with the sea, but as nautical as possible;
  • lighthouse models – preferably fairy-tale and painted in vivid shades;
  • portholes – small windows, which are located in the board; they can perfectly decorate the wall or be a frame for the bathroom mirror;
  • hammocks – they will make you feel in your own room, almost like in a sailor’s cabin;
  • fishing nets for the wall – of course they don’t have to be huge nets that will cover the whole wall – a delicate reference will be enough;
  • display cases with nautical knots – they will surely attract attention, especially of men;
  • night lamps with a base in the form of an anchor – necessarily in white and navy blue colors;
  • lanterns stylized as old fishing lanterns – white copies with abrasions look especially beautiful.

Marine paintings

Don’t forget about paintings depicting sea stories and panoramas. A naval battle, Venetian quay or a lighthouse on the cliff will suit maritime interior as much as possible. Instead of them, you can also use photos or posters with a similar style. Some graphics can be humorous and refer to popular themes (e.g. “Keep Calm And Sail On!”)

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