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If you are renovating or building a house and want to install a fireplace without a chimney or vent built into the wall, think about a clean-burning bio-fireplace. It allows you to create a cozy atmosphere while emphasizing a modern interior design

Bio-fireplaces are available in different colors and sizes. The collection is dominated by white, black and stainless steel. Individual models also differ in the number of burners. Check how to choose the right appliance!

Why is it worth installing a bio-fireplace?

Do you want to emphasize a modern character of the interior? Choose a built-in bio-fireplace. You can install it on the wall but make sure it is far enough away from combustible materials like furniture, paper, curtains, bedding etc

There are many factors to consider before deciding to install a bio fireplace. First of all, consider where you want to place it. Manufacturers offer wall-mounted, wall-hung and built-in models. When choosing the type of installation, consider what will happen to the heat produced by the fireplace. It is usually emitted through an opening in the front. If you want to install a built-in model, make sure the burner includes a condensation tray and the entire unit is sealed. This ensures that all spilled fuel stays in the fire and can be easily cleaned up before using the bio-fireplace again.

Make sure that the inner walls of the opening where you will insert the fireplace are made of fire-resistant material such as cement board or steel sheet. Also, prepare metal brackets to secure the unit. If you want to paint the walls around the bio fireplace, make sure the paint is heat resistant. Ideally, look for one that can withstand up to 650 degrees Celsius. It can also be resistant to rust and corrosion.

Where to install a hanging fireplace?

Wondering where you can mount a modern bio fireplace? You can place it on any wall. Importantly, you don’t need any ventilation or electrical wires. High quality brackets ensure safe installation of the device. You also do not have to worry about damaging the wall.

There is no smoke coming out of the bio fireplace so you can hang a TV above it. However, we recommend that you place the TV only over a closed fireplace. This will prevent any possible damage. Also make sure that there are no cables or wires behind the bio-fireplace, as they can overheat. Try to leave about 45 cm between the top of the fireplace and the bottom edge of the TV. If you opt for this solution, you will not only add a personalized, unique touch to your interior, but you will also be able to enjoy the flames of the fire while watching a movie or the latest episode of your favorite series

Install a bio-fireplace in a wall niche. Then place a shelf under the TV to shield it from the heat of the fireplace. The size of the shelf depends on the distance between the woodburner and the TV.

Can the bio-fireplace be moved?

Many bioethanol fireplaces do not require any installation, so you can easily move them from one room to another. You can experiment boldly here. However, make sure that the interior is well ventilated. Do not place the device in a tightly closed room. Check if there is free air flow in the room. Never move the bio-fireplace when it is lit or there is any fuel in the burner. Make sure it has cooled down before you move it. Wait at least 30 minutes.

Wall or built-in model?

When it comes to a bio-fireplace, we can basically distinguish two types of installation. Very popular are the models mounted on the wall, as recommended by the manufacturer

The obvious disadvantage of this solution is that the device may stick out. So think about where you want to place it. Do not mount it close to a door, so that nobody can accidentally damage it. However, it is worth emphasizing that such a model is very universal. It fits both traditional and modern interiors.

Built-in models are also very popular, although their installation is more complicated. Make sure that the hole where you place the bio-fireplace is made of fireproof material. This device looks great in a modern interior

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