Protecting your home against theft – basic solutions

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Everyone is concerned about the safety and security of the property. There are many ways to protect your home against theft. We present basic and effective solutions.

Alarm system

Most often the alarm signal is transmitted to a security company, which takes appropriate intervention actions. The first zone where such an alarm system can be placed is the fence. There are several types of detectors that react to attempts to cross the property boundary. For example, sensor cables can be placed on or along the fence to detect attempts to deflect the fence, cut it, or go over the top.

The second zone of property protection should run between the fence and the house. Here alarm detectors can be mounted below the surface of the ground or on it. A special system can be installed underground that activates the alarm system when it detects a threat.


It’s a good idea to install cameras around the building to effectively deter thieves from getting into the property. In the case of a single-family house a monitoring system consisting of four cameras will be a good solution. Professional companies offer cameras together with installation and later technical service. However, it is quite an expensive investment, so an alternative solution, often equally effective, can be the installation of dummy cameras around the building. Some of them change their position and imitate recording.

Anti-burglary locks

When choosing locks you should be guided primarily by quality certificates. It is worth paying attention to the models for doors opening from the right and left side, the main and additional locks, as well as the division according to the method of installation. These can be divided into: box locks (equipped with several bolts or bolts), top locks (mounted on the surface of the door) and mortise locks (mounted inside the door, closed with a latch).

The optimal number of locks for exterior doors is three. More locks do not equal better protection. Too many locks can weaken the structure of the door, so it is important to choose the right set of locks, which will be adapted to the front door. A large selection of locks from various manufacturers can be found at


Burglars usually steal small items of high value, such as watches, jewelry, cash and small electronics. Any of these items can easily be taken from the property. To protect such items, it is worth investing in a safe. Even the smallest model of home safe can reduce the risk of losing your valuables.

Anti-burglary roller blinds

Exterior burglar-proof roller shutters protect your home by creating windows and doors from burglars. They are highly resistant to impact and create protection against broken windows. It is worth betting on this solution, especially when you are away.


This is an alternative to the traditional intercom, which allows you to control who wants to get into the property. In the event of a burglary, the recording on the disk allows you to later identify the perpetrator. Such data is generally saved for several to several days.


A mundane, yet very effective security measure. If you are planning an extended trip, ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail and water your flowers. Regular visits to an empty house can deter potential thieves. If these thieves see that the lights are on in the building and the mail is regularly taken out of the mailbox, they may not even realize that the property owners are not actually there.


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