Which fireplace to choose?

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A fireplace is a very stylish addition to a room. Besides, it can be an additional source of heating. It is worth buying the right one to be able to enjoy its numerous advantages.

They create an amazing character, are associated with peace and a sense of security. This is the dream of many people. The traditional model of fireplace is slowly becoming forgotten. Consumers are increasingly looking for non-standard products and modern design. The choice of fireplaces in stores is very large. Remember, however, that your purchase must be conscious and sensible

A sophisticated addition to the apartment

The interior, where the fireplace is located, is atmospheric and unique. The decision to purchase must be thoughtful, because it is an investment for many years. A convenient choice are free-standing fireplaces, so-called goats. They are a great option for people who do not have much space in their home. Thanks to the variety of styles, they are often used to replace conventional fireplaces. An additional argument is that they do not require built-in. This affects the ease of interior design. Modern fireplaces are also those hanging. They are extremely elegant and practical

In addition, they are associated with luxury. They are often found in new apartments. The most popular are those in black. Free-standing fireplaces will fit into different spaces. They will be used in modern, art déco, eclectic, or loft style. The image of fireplaces is often similar – large, built-in, taking up a lot of space. Such a classic is still appreciated

However, it is worth choosing non-standard versions. An intriguing option is a fireplace in the shape of a circle. This is a remarkable and very original choice. Rounded sides are also found in oval models. When buying this equipment, pay attention to the amount of glazed space. This is an important aesthetic aspect. There are versions of fireplaces through which you will see the flame burning on all sides

Stoves that have three panes of glass are also popular. Rotating fireplaces are also a non-standard solution. They are very unusual and work well in large rooms. They give an extraordinary visual experience. They are sure to delight the eyes of any guest

Technical issues

In addition to the appearance, more technical issues are also important. They are the ones that affect the safety and comfort of use

First, you need to consider whether the fireplace will be the main source of heat in your home. Choose a different type if you only need additional heating

Before buying, pay attention to the power of the goat, the burning time and the efficiency of the stove. You also need to consider the installation location and the quality of the glazed surfaces. Fireplaces are selected individually, depending on your preferences and the type of room

There are mainly two versions of fireplaces to choose from: steel and cast iron. The construction material is a necessary convenience. Good quality fireplaces have very high durability. Sometimes it is better to invest in more expensive equipment than to constantly repair or replace it

However, keep in mind that freestanding fireplaces have more attractive prices than traditional ones. A big plus is that you don’t have to ruin half your home to install them. Some models have additional options that improve the operation of the equipment. These include mounting hangers, for example, or a supply of outside air. They may also include a hot plate or a rotating plate

You should also be interested in the ecological option that is included in some fireplaces. This is the function of optimal combustion process. Thanks to it, the goat produces a large amount of heat, burning little fuel. This is a very important point to pay attention to when buying

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