Concrete wall tiles – 3 inspirations

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płytki imitujące beton

For some time now, more and more frequently appear arrangements in which the main role is played by architectural concrete or tiles imitating it. This solution is perfect for arrangements maintained in loft style, industrial or modern.

In the bathroom!

Tiles that imitate concrete are perfect both on walls and on the floor. Combining these two surfaces and choosing certain elements to cover them gives a perfect base, which can be expanded with colors, white or wooden accessories.

In the living room!

More daring people who appreciate minimalism and rawness of concrete tiles can place this type of tiles in the living room, covering only one wall with them. Such a surface will become a perfect background for further decorating!

How about a restaurant?

This solution is particularly suitable for large, modern objects, full of metal, wood and glass. Not only restaurants, but also offices or beauty salons. It will give the arrangement an industrial character, which complemented by minimalist lighting will create a unique atmosphere.

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