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Several years ago most people could not imagine their living room or bedroom without a set of poufs. Later this furniture became obsolete. Recently, however, they are experiencing a renaissance and prove that a pouffe does not have to be boring!

Classically quilted

Quilted fabric is a sure way to spice up the look of a sofa or a pouffe. When you add an interesting color combination to it, you get the perfect pouffe.


A pouffe covered with an aesthetically pleasing knitted cover will spice up the arrangement of any interior. It is a perfect choice for lovers of handicrafts. What’s interesting, you can easily make such a piece of furniture at home

Macramé weave

Boho style works not only in the choice of clothes, but also in interior accessories. Macramé pouffe will give the interior lightness and natural flair.


If you are looking for something unique and eye-catching, go for models with fancy frame shapes, which are topped with a soft seat in an intriguing color.

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