Roller blinds – a modern substitute for curtains

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What makes roller blinds a better choice than a traditional curtain? We compare the options available on the market and highlight how modern solutions increase the everyday comfort of living spaces. And of course, they look really phenomenal at the same time!

Day and night blinds

One of the most interesting and practical roller blinds are internal, the so-called day and night blinds. Thanks to them you can feel comfortable in your house at any time of day or night. Thanks to two overlapping layers, you control the extent to which you uncover the window. Each layer consists of horizontal opaque and transparent strips, arranged alternately. By moving them in relation to each other, you cover the transparent stripes with opaque ones, achieving your preferred level of shading

Depending on the room they are in, they can be set at a different level. This way you can let yourself take a nap at noon without worrying about the sun’s irritating rays or watch a movie in the living room , whose windows face south, without worrying that the picture keeps fading through the sunlight

Day and night blinds not only give a much better effect than standard blinds, in whose case if you want to protect yourself from the sun during the day, you have to opt for living in total darkness

Just as importantly, they are made from high quality materials in a wide variety of colors, so they will stylishly decorate your living room, bedroom or kitchen – and they are dust and dirt resistant, so you can enjoy their cleanliness!

Window pleats

If you are looking for an interesting approach to roller blinds that is not only functional but also stylish, window pleats will be the right choice. They are definitely different in design from traditional curtains, as they are made of fabric rolled up in an accordion

This way of manufacture allows you to freely adjust the degree of darkening of the interior. At the same time you can ensure access to daylight, limiting the inflow of sunlight in such a way that reflections on your TV or computer screen will no longer be a problem. Without a problem you will cover only a specific part of the window, which is not possible with other models of roller blinds

A definite advantage of pleats is also a variety of ways to install them. Starting from non-invasive mounting with the use of a tape or hangers, through a glazing bead drilled into the window frame (such a solution allows you to freely open and close the window), to convenient mounting on runners.

Roman blinds

Roman typewindow blinds are an amazing combination of curtains and roller blinds. Not only do they look incredibly elegant but they are also practical and functional, making them the perfect replacement for curtains for all those who are concerned about their impracticality but love the effect they give to a room

Roman blinds definitely work well in a decorative role. They look great both drawn and lowered! Their definite advantage is that, depending on the type of material and its color, they can darken or lighten the room

In the transparent version they let in diffused sunlight and at the same time protect the room from heating and optically enlarge it. On the other hand, in the darkening version, they create twilight ideal for relaxation and at the same time protect the room from high temperatures. They differ from other roller blinds also in the fact that, being made of the same materials as curtains, they can be washed in a washing machine without any problem. What else distinguishes them on the market? First of all the way they are folded. They are not rolled but folded, and the layers are arranged in elegant creases resembling valances. That is why they look so elegant at any time of day or night!

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