Minimalist kitchen – check out what decorations work best!

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Interior designers increasingly agree that it is not quantity but quality that counts. Minimalist kitchen is not only an interesting style, but also a lot of functional solutions that will facilitate work in the kitchen

After a rather long period of overloading with accessories, the time has come for minimalism. Simple, construction-saving forms are combined with pure aesthetics. This is the perfect style for small spaces, as it uses ingenious solutions for storing items. Minimalist accessories will give a small kitchen character

Subtle and natural in your kitchen

Thanks to the popularity of books and blogs dedicated to the philosophy of minimalism, more and more people realize that they do not need too many objects to live. Owning is no longer associated with expressing one’s status and boasting in front of friends. We appreciate more modest and thoughtful interiors.

Instead of many questionable pieces of furniture or accessories, it is better to choose one good quality item which will really make us happy. By choosing minimalism, people try to put in order the disorder that has so far reigned in the house. This is a great style especially for small spaces, where fewer items allow for more freedom to move around the home. A special place in the house is the kitchen, where you need to accommodate many accessories that you use less frequently. It is advisable to keep it in a light color scheme in a natural style.

Choose functionality and simplicity

Minimalist style is a conscious choice to live in greater order and harmony. This is also reflected in the furniture – they usually have a simple form and few accessories. In the kitchen, you will most often meet with completely smooth fronts, opened with snap mechanisms. Countertops are also kept in a consistent, light color scheme

Functional design allows you to better use the possibilities of space and fit many things. This is especially useful in the kitchen: in cabinets with a well-thought-out design we can easily fit a toaster, several types of baking sheets, a cup mixer and many other appliances that are used only once in a while. However, it is important to check on an ongoing basis whether all the appliances are in working order and whether we really have any use for them.

If not, there is no reason for them to take up space in a minimalist kitchen. A beautiful, colorful bowl full of fruit or an original vase with fresh flowers can be a decoration for the kitchen. It is definitely better to avoid bright, exaggerated colors and patterns as they will disturb the order of the space. In minimalism, good, if possible natural, lighting is very important. To bring out all the assets of the space, install lamps with warm, bright light.

Minimalist home accessories

Do not confuse the minimalism of the kitchen with the raw industrial style. In addition to the general rules, it gives a lot of freedom in creating your own space. Additions turn out to be an important element. Most often they appear in the form of decorative jugs, bowls and other useful objects. Plants occupy an important place in minimalism. For the kitchen you can choose ingenious pots made of unusual materials, in which you can grow fresh basil or oregano.

Due to the small number of accessories in the minimalist style, it is worth devoting enough time to this choice. Thanks to that, the decision will be more well-thought-out and there is less chance that a given vase or wall clock will get bored or break after a month of use. Minimalism is usually connected with subdued colors. The color palette includes, among others, shades of sand, white, grey, beige, but also lavender or blue. Appropriately selected accessories can gently break such monotony. An occasional accent color in the form of intense blue or green can enliven the space and give it an interesting, more individual character

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