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The earlobe armchair is stylish and practical. It was originally designed to protect against drafts while sitting by the fireplace. This classic piece of furniture looks great in the living room, library, study, and dining room

Why buy the earlobe armchair?

The armchair has traditional “wings” to block cold air and keep the heat coming from the fireplace. So it’s worth placing two earlobes in front of the fireplace, opposite the sofa. This will create a cozy place for entertaining or relaxing. If you have an empty corner in your living room, consider adding an earlobe. It will take up some space and increase the visual appeal of the room.

Many people have unused spaces and corners in their bedrooms. Don’t waste valuable space: place an elegant earlobe chair to give the interior a sophisticated feel. But don’t treat it as an extra coat rack!

Also, many dining room designs end up with unused corners and wasted space. You can place a stylish ear piece in a corner and use it as an additional seating area. If need be, you can always move it to the living room.

Traditionally, the earlobe chair is associated with a library, so it fits perfectly in an office. Whether your office is in a commercial property or at home, this piece of furniture is associated with professionalism and luxury.

How to choose an earlobe chair?

When choosing an earlobe, pay attention to the style and decor of your home. For an elegant office, a classic leather armchair fits perfectly. If you are looking for the perfect piece of furniture for a modern interior, decide on a Scandinavian armchair upholstered with fabric with an unusual pattern. The combination of a classic shape with a fancy ornament will create a unique contrast. Deciding on such a solution, you will show your guests that you know a lot about interior design.

When looking for a chic and comfortable armchair, pay attention to size, style, material and color. The earlobe design is timeless, though barely recognizable in some newer versions. However, its characteristic features can be easily found in a modern egg-type armchair, covered with soft fabric or smooth leather

An elegant and comfortable piece of furniture

Whatever the history of earlobe chairs, they have made a comeback today as a fashionable decorative trend. They fit perfectly into the retro and vintage style. Their popularity has grown over the last few years and the truth is that they look fantastic in any interior. At the same time they give unlimited possibilities of arrangement.

Fearless modernists may prefer an extra high backrest, low, simple armrests, short, square, white legs and upholstery in tribal patterns. In a library, a leather earpiece with matching footstool, brass studs and old-fashioned armrests will look sensational.

Stylish and durable material

When shopping for an armchair, check out the material it’s made from. Once you’ve determined which design you like best and matches your interior, you need to decide which fabric to choose. In this respect, your needs are as important as the aesthetics of the upholstery

Upholstery models in light colors are ideal for Scandinavian style interiors. Natural patterns are also becoming increasingly popular. You can now find countless options on the market. Large leaves on a white background are particularly fashionable. Patchwork armchairs could not be missing from the collection either – if you like original styling, you will surely like them. They perfectly decorate the interior, introducing to it a cozy atmosphere.

Velvet is one of the most attractive and modern options. It consists of a base and short, dense threads, forming a cozy mesh. It deserves attention for its comfort and durability

If you choose cotton, make sure that it is of good quality – otherwise the earlobe chair will not do its job. It should be sanforized, which prevents it from shrinking during washing. If any part of the chair is removable, it should be washed in cold water using a gentle program.

Cordage usually consists of different fabrics such as polyester, cotton and viscose. Each of them has distinctive characteristics to create a fabric that is durable, comfortable and soft. However, be sure not to damage it during washing.

Artificial leather is an economical alternative to real leather. You can clean it easily, but it is often too cold in winter and too hot in summer

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