How to decorate a dining room in industrial style?

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Industrial style, otherwise known as loft style, captured the hearts of homebuyers a few years ago and has remained there until now. Thanks to its simplicity, unique, warm atmosphere and ease of decorating, lofts have become a huge trend. This style is perfect for virtually every room in the house! See how to decorate industrial dining room!

Where does industrial style come from?

Loft style comes from the United States, where in times of economic crisis, bankrupt factories began to be converted into residential premises. High ceilings, large windows and general austerity of the interiors were unchangeable in the apartments created in the former factories, so they became characteristic features of industrial interior design. To this day, bare bricks on the walls, high windows, exposed pipes are the flagship elements of loft decor

How to create an industrial dining room?

First of all, bet on large elements that will give the impression of factory-like room, without having to change every, tiniest element. Large loft tables made of raw wood, with metal legs will certainly change the character of the interior. You can also choose matching chairs to the table. Such a set placed in the central part of the dining room will definitely make it more industrial

The most recognizable part of loft style, are the exposed bricks on the walls. If you are planning a renovation, install tiles that imitate brick on the dining room walls. This element will make everyone who enters such a room know that they are dealing with loft. Choose wood for the floor, thanks to the panels you will avoid the risk that the interior will become too cold and harsh. Wooden floor will warm up the dining room and change the character of the bricks on the walls – from raw, to more cozy

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An important element in the industrial style is lighting. Recognizable, large bulbs and a huge, orange filament is almost synonymous with industrialism. Choose openwork lamps, which will expose the characteristic bulbs and will fit into the unusual style. Metal lampshades in black or copper will phenomenally emphasize the interior decor, and thanks to the fact that they are not solid, light will reach every nook and cranny of the dining room

What accessories to choose for a loft-style dining room?

An important issue in decorating any interior are the accessories. They allow us to create a specific mood, introduce seasonality to the room and refresh the interior, which is beginning to get boring. Loft style gives a wide choice of accessories that will further conquer the unique decor. A great addition to the dining room is a clock. A large, massive clock in industrial style will be fantastic as the main point of attention in the room

A metal wine rack, for example in gold or copper, will also look phenomenal. Such a shiny accent will brighten up the interior of the dining room a bit, but it will not take away its factory character. Besides, it is also a practical addition, which will make sure that there is always a suitable wine for dinner at hand.

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is a place for meetings, shared meals and long conversations. That is why it is worth that this place was decorated in an interesting way and invited the household members to spend time there. Warm and cozy atmosphere of industrial style will make the whole family willing to gather in the dining room not only for meals

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