How to keep your office space clean?

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Keeping your office clean is extremely important. Especially now, with the pandemic of more and more companies choosing to return to stationary work, office and workstation hygiene is key. How do you keep your office space clean and make it easier to disinfect multiple areas? We suggest!

Tidy desks

Every office worker likes to slightly modify their workstation. Some bring a picture of the kids or the whole family, others put a plant on the desk, others have their own decorations, happy mascots or figurines. It’s nice to be able to incorporate a personal element into your work space, but unfortunately, the more trinkets on your desk, the harder it is to clean and the more items need to be disinfected. Ask employees to keep the number of things they put on their desks to a minimum. Of course, one photo frame or a flower pot can’t hurt, but a whole display of souvenirs from all over the world can be quite a hassle. The fewer unnecessary items, the easier it is to keep your workstation organized, which helps in cleaning

Regular cleaning

Cleaning your office with professional cleaners, such as those available at, should be done daily, possibly every other day. Not to mention the current pandemic situation, clutter and dirt on the floor, uncleaned toilets or bathrooms, and common space and cafeteria, can create a really serious threat to employees staying in the office space for a minimum of eight hours a day. Regularity in cleaning will ensure that it’s just the little things – vacuuming and mopping floors, toilets, and wiping and disinfecting countertops and flat surfaces. With regularity, you’ll avoid big and time-consuming major cleanings, and your office will always be clean and safe.

Tidy up your home office

If you still work remotely or have a permanent home office, it’s also a good idea to keep the space clean. You work better and much more efficiently in a clean and organized space. If you only have a desk in a quiet corner of the room, make sure it is well organized – buy folders, sorters, binders and baskets for papers, documents and office utensils. Make sure everything has its place and nothing is left lying around. By keeping all the items and utensils on your desk organized, your desk will be tidy, easy to dust and wash, and keep tidy. A surface that only you use may not need to be disinfected if no one outside the household has access to your workspace. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to use a cleaner and disinfectant from time to time to keep your desk clean. Even if no dangerous viruses settle on it, crumbs from breakfast and a drop of gravy from lunch can seriously soil your home office.

Keeping the workplace clean is the responsibility of both management, who hire a cleaning company, and the employees themselves. They are the day-to-day users of this space and are responsible for making the workplace comfortable for them. To remind employees of their responsibility, it is worth sending out an email from time to time throughout the company with brief instructions on how to take care of their workstations.

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