How do I set up my washer and dryer?

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A tumble dryer is an increasingly common fixture in Polish homes. How to position the washing machine and dryer to be able to use them comfortably? We suggest.

Until recently a tumble dryer could seem like an unnecessary luxury. Currently, more and more people are appreciating the benefits that this device guarantees. Standing dryers with laundry hung up in rooms are not necessarily the best decoration for our interiors. A tumble dryer solves the problem of tedious drying of clothes.

However, it is an additional piece of equipment in the house that needs its own permanent place. The dryer is definitely best placed near the washing machine – this will allow you to conveniently use both devices.

Where and how to place a washing machine and a dryer?

If you have enough space in the bathroom or a separate room which serves as a laundry room and a drying room, the easiest way is to place the equipment next to each other. This solution does not require special procedures and allows you to comfortably use both devices

However, a particularly popular way to set up the washing machine and dryer is by means of pole buildings. This is a great solution especially for people who want to save space. Placing the equipment one on top of the other will allow you to fit them even in a small bathroom. Bar housing also allows you to set the equipment in other rooms than the bathroom, such as the hallway.

Washer and dryer – how to place them on top of each other?

Is it better to place a washing machine on a dryer or a dryer on a washing machine? It makes no difference. Appliances can be placed in a post in any order, if their dimensions allow it and if they have appropriate connectors.

Choosing the right connections is a very important issue here. Therefore, it is often recommended to buy both appliances from the same manufacturer – then they have dedicated connectors, similar design and size. However, if you already have a washing machine to which you want to buy a new dryer and you decide to buy a product of a different brand, bear in mind that to choose the right connector you will have to spend some time.

Built-in washing machine and dryer

One of the most common ways to place a washer and dryer is in a built-in unit. This may be a multifunctional closet with a special place for both appliances, which will also serve us as a storage for other things.

Another solution is also a special built-in under washing machines and dryers, which resembles a large shelf. Such shelves may be equipped with additional places for accessories needed for washing. This solution will work especially well in the bathroom, in which we have limited space.

If we would like to simply camouflage the washing machine and dryer, saving space in the apartment, then it is a good idea to place them in a closet or space dedicated specifically for these equipment.

Washer and dryer in a small bathroom

If our equipment must fit in a small bathroom, especially one which is already furnished, we can simply place the dryer on the washing machine (or vice versa), separating them with an appropriate connector. Many connectors have a pull-out shelf, which can be very useful during washing and drying.

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