Barbecue corner in the garden – 5 inspirations

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kącik grillowy inspiracje

When it gets warm outside and the weather is conducive to relaxing outdoors in the garden, you should think about arranging an effective and practical barbecue area in the garden.

Solid foundations

If you really enjoy barbecuing and know that you’ll be firing up the barbecue quite often, it’s worth thinking about a sturdy brick unit with a removable grill that you can place in the center or at the edge of the lawn. If you know that you will be lighting the barbecue quite often, it is worth thinking about a robust brick unit with a removable grate which you can place in the centre or on the edge of the lawn.

In the geometric center

The grill will look great in the center of a hexagon consisting of hanging swings. This is an interesting and practical solution.

Grill or maybe a bonfire?

Old-school camping enthusiasts will certainly like a portable grill with a hearth and a frame which resembles a classic campfire.

Or maybe a terrace?

Who said that the terrace will not work as a barbecue retreat? Set a sturdy, portable grill, chairs, table and deck chairs, complete it with flower pots and enjoy a pleasant rest!

In a natural style

Set up a table and benches made of wood underneath a spreading tree to provide shade. Next to it, a stone-lined fireplace and a tripod grill. It’s the perfect retreat, waiting for guests.

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