Large paintings and modern decorations in interiors

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Decorations in the home are as important as the rest of the interior design elements. Room additions and accessories create a mood and a unique atmosphere. It can be said that decorations influence the style in which a room is decorated. Modern decorations, gadgets and works of art in the living room or bedroom are very interesting and original accents in the decor. See what interesting decorations you can introduce to your interiors

Paintings for a living room

Every living room will gain a lot of charm and style if paintings appear in it. Even if they are not the originals by Banksy or Beksinski, artworks will introduce a slightly bohemian touch to the interior, which will definitely add class to the decor. No matter what your taste is and which trend in painting appeals to you the most, you can choose paintings that you simply like. These can be reproductions of the most famous works of Picasso or Dali, but also very original large paintings from Bimago gallery. Such decorations will fill the empty space of the walls and make the interior more cozy and more attractive. The coldness of bare, bright walls reminds of the interior of an office or a hospital, and this effect in your own home, especially in a living room, probably everyone would like to avoid. Thanks to the paintings on the walls the living room will become warm, elegant and chic, the works painted on canvas do not create an impression of cheapness and kitsch in the room, as it can happen with other decorations, if you overdo with them

Paintings in the office space

The office and common space for employees should be associated with warmth, pleasant atmosphere and modernity. The office space should not be too cold, as this negatively affects the mood and morale of the employees. Once again – avoid “hospital” décor, rather bet on original accents in the arrangement. The office interior should not lack live plants and paintings. You can find ideal proposals of stucco works for office on Paintings made in 3D technique will give an interesting look to work spaces and relaxation area. They will make the interior more interesting and staying there will be more pleasant. Creative interior design can also have an inspiring effect on employees, so it’s worth spending some time and attention on making the interior design unique

Paintings for the home

Aside from the living room, there are many more places in the home where beautiful canvas paintings can hang. The hallway is usually a place that lacks flair. This room is usually decorated rather sparingly and with little finesse. Indeed, not many people want to bother themselves looking for original inspirations to decorate the hallway. However, if you hang a painting on the wall in the hallway, the whole character of the decor will be defined and changed by it. The dining room is also a place that can gain a lot of charm and warmth thanks to works of art. In this room not only paintings, but also decorative tableware, bowls and sculptures will perfectly fulfill their task. Art should not be missing also in a bedroom. Abstract paintings which you can buy at will perfectly complete the decoration of this intimate room and will give it even more atmospheric character

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