How to choose accessories for the living room in glamour style?

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This style can be demanding, for some it is an ideal, for others it borders on kitsch and exaggeration. This means that we should approach this style very carefully in order not to make it grotesque. However, if we remember about basic features, choosing accessories for our apartment will already be a kind of fun, not a curse.

Colors, hues, shades

Let’s remember that in glamour decor elements, we should easily find glamour and stylish furniture. The glamour style does not need to be limited to only one color, yet there are some preferences in it

It is good to choose three basic colors in a room and do not go beyond them, so as not to overdo it. Very often interiors are organized in the tones of black and white with silver accessories, in recent times the career is green with gold. In 2020, it was announced that shades of candy nudes, or powdery shades (including Rose Tan, Peach Nougat, Almond Oil), aimed at warming up the interior, also deserve attention. In the photo below, an example of the different shapes of pillows, also characteristic of this style, occupying the sofa.


The distinguishing feature of glamour interiors is the omnipresent glow. Reflections can be found basically everywhere – shiny fabrics, silverware, crystal chandeliers, zirconia figurines. Recently it is preferred that finishes have a golden tint, for example on cups, pillows or furniture. Reflections are also given by mirrors, which additionally brighten and enlarge space. For this reason, they should appear in every room (e.g. in the bedroom by the dressing table, in the hallway).

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They should be characterized by a different appearance. Below in the picture we present a chaise longue, associated with the 1920s in a silver, highly glossy variety , and a navy blue sofa with gold trim, as well as a gold table, looking quite clumsy, with an unusual shape. Paintings incorporating designer embroidery-like materials complete the effect. There is no doubt that the simplicity (it is worth noting that apart from the paintings, the interior does not have any other accessories) complements wonderfully with modern furniture:

Silver elements

Very often silver accessories are also chosen, such as figurines, candlesticks, vases, which are additionally sprinkled with white or silver glitter, sometimes covered with zircons. This is also an opportunity to change the decor of the house for the holidays – for Christmas put in the room angels in a similar tone, and during Easter – eggs, lambs and bunnies. These elements should be of good quality, because those that look artificial or cheap will spoil the effect of modernity and glamour. Also, let’s not go overboard with their quantity.


Noteworthy are all that give shine, especially velvets and silks. There are also fluffy carpets, velours or bedspreads, imitations of sheepskins, usually in cream shades, but also pink and blue (a must in the living room!). If space allows, think about round pouffes. All cushions and fabrics, despite their shiny elements, should have a simple, unsophisticated pattern. Ditch the blinds and shades and choose heavy curtains or dense draperies instead.

Be glamorous!

Glamour style is not as heavy and overwhelming as it looks at first glance, and choosing accessories is rather fun than a problem. Keeping the basics in mind, we can choose anything we like. Many stores offer similar trinkets, betting on this very style and making our choice easier.

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