English style living room – 5 totally different rooms

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Simplicity and attention to detail are the most recognizable features of English-style interiors. However, a living room decorated according to its determinants can take different forms. We are talking about arrangements more comfortable, chic or with rustic elements. Tones of color can also be different. Here are 5 examples.

Where did the English style come from?

Origin of English style goes back to Victorian England at the end of XIX century. Its assumption was to create interiors friendly for family life. They should be comfortable and conducive to meetings. However, the practical aspect of home arrangement was not neglected either.

What are the characteristics of English style?

The most important features of the English style

  • The predominance of natural materials – in particular, wood is in demand, from which robust furniture and floors are made,
  • wooden furniture is created with attention to detail and is often painted in bright colors, often white,
  • a frequent motif (curtains, bedspreads, wallpapers) are flowers, especially roses
  • the use of a trellis motif is also characteristic,
  • old hunting paraphernalia or family heirlooms are common accessories,
  • beige and white dominate on the walls, wallpaper or panels are often used,
  • walls are sometimes finished with decorative cornices and mouldings.

Inspiration 1: A comfortable English living room

English style in the living room, as a rule, should promote comfort. In practice, you can decide on an arrangement that will also be conducive to meetings with guests, whom you want to charm with the subdued and classic beauty of such an interior. First of all, a sufficiently large space is needed here

It is also better to resign from floral motifs, despite the fact, that they are so characteristic for this Victorian style – interiors with them can be a bit too cozy and homely. Instead, it is worth to use natural lighting, which is provided by a set of windows – white, large and divided by muntins, of course. There is no point in using curtains for them – light curtains to half the height of the window will suffice. On the walls, use light pastels, jasmine color or very light yellow. The floor should be covered with wooden staves or its successful and reliable imitation

Comfortable furniture

The heart of the arrangement is a set of furniture centrally placed around a square table with ornaments, obviously wooden. Two classic armchairs with low backrests and a similar sofa can be upholstered with fabric upholstery in berry color

In the corners, it’s worth placing an old clock and a small cupboard or a chest of drawers – of course, set in a similar color of wood. A fireplace is also worth displaying. Additions are Victorian wall lamps and a small addition of greenery – for example set on a cabinet or a separate stool.

Inspiration 2: Black and white living room in English style

A more contemporary English living room design can be created using the contrast of black and white. Then the characteristic white furniture for it is used, which will differ from the modern style in the execution of wood and attention to detail. Instead of natural wood color, the floor is painted black or made of exotic wood or its imitation. On white walls stand out cream-colored fireplace cover, black frames of photos and paintings and a few flowers. Above the table, black chandeliers are a must.

Inspiration 3: A rustic English living room

It is in this stylization that there is most room for floral motifs, which can cover walls, curtains and furniture upholstery. They go well with white dressers or display cases. An alternative is to leave the furniture in its natural wood color. On the wall, for example, forgo white in favor of delicate pink or equally light yellow.

Inspiration 4: English living room with bookcase

For arranging a living room in English style you can also use a typically Victorian element, i.e. a sizable bookcase. It can cover even the whole wall – of course it should be made of wood. It will be especially useful in the case of longer, but narrow rooms. A solid set of furniture for relaxation and large windows, which let natural light into the interior, are also in the price here.

Inspiration 5: A romantic English living room

A styling that is achieved through a skillful choice of color scheme. Floral motifs should be delicate, even girly, and placed on the background of white wallpaper or material from which the curtains or upholstery are made. Although white dominates, there are more colorful accents – for example pink and marine pillows or colorful finishes of light curtains. Roses may also appear in vases. A nice-to-touch carpet works well on a light floor.

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