Comfortable relaxation area in the living room – how to arrange it?

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The living room is an important room in every apartment, which allows you to relax and have a moment of rest after a hard day. It is also a perfect place for social meetings. See how to create a functional and comfortable space for rest

Living room with a corner sofa

A corner sofa is an interesting piece of furniture that works perfectly in the living room. Currently it is available in many finishes and fabrics. Thanks to it you can create a comfortable corner where you will be happy to spend your free time. It can be combined with a place for a TV or a fireplace. Such solutions are very common in many rooms. Options for arranging such a zone are really many. On the corner usually place pillows in large quantities and pleasant to the touch blankets. This option is extremely comfortable and stylish. You can create in this way a lot of combinations, which can be rearranged as needed, if you get bored with the current arrangement. A combination of beige shades with white looks interesting. However, everything depends on the dominant color scheme of the living room. You can buy modern corner sofas in an online store:

In front of such a corner you can place a small table, which will create a matching composition. Some people decide on two smaller coffee tables, placed next to each other. Such furniture for the living room you will find at: Next to such a rest, in slightly larger rooms, pots or woven baskets with large specimens of plants will work perfectly. A common option is also to place a standing lamp nearby, which gives a unique atmosphere. You can also put on the wall sconces or other small lamps. By the corner also look good a variety of carpets, adding a cozy character. Above such a zone for relaxation, you can attach large paintings, a shelf with decorations or a striking mirror

Color accents

In modern living rooms, you often meet strong color accents. They appear, for example, on the sofa or on the armchairs. They often have a velvet finish, which goes very well with strong colors. Even in a classic room, at least one distinctive element looks good. It may be in bottle green, navy blue, orange or even powder pink

Sometimes it can be smaller decorations if you don’t want to risk too much. For this, you can choose pillows, lamps or poufs in an intense color. They can also be small accents on a patterned carpet or paintings. If there are several such elements, it will create a cohesive and thoughtful character. Do not be afraid to experiment and bet on such interesting solutions. You will certainly not regret this choice.

Stylish decorative elements

In many apartments, a bookcase becomes a decorative element. It often has a large size, which makes it a visible part in the living room. It allows you to display various book items in the room. It is suitable even for interiors decorated in a classic style. You can buy traditional furniture that will suit this kind of decor at: A bookcase may be in the form of a high bookcase or a low chest of drawers. Books also look good on wall shelves. On top of it you can place other decorations, such as plants. More and more often in many living rooms there are also large frames with pictures or interesting graphics, often even abstract ones. They fit into bigger rooms as well as small ones. So you can use them even in an apartment or a studio.

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