5 ways to light up your dressing table

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Regardless of the size of the bathroom, a ceiling lamp is usually not enough to perfectly illuminate the entire room. Diffused light can also be disadvantageous, for example when applying makeup

The lighting of a dressing table is very important if it is to perform its function properly. If the light is too dim or too strong, it can be bad for your daily makeup application. In this article, we have gathered the most important tips to help you choose the best lighting for your home dressing table. We’ll make sure it’s both stylish and complements a variety of settings

5 ideas for the perfect dressing table

A Hollywood style dressing table is probably the most well-known and sought-after model that resembles the dressing rooms of famous artists. A Hollywood style dressing table makes you feel like a movie star every morning. It is characterized by intensely glowing round bulbs placed around the mirror frame. Today you can buy ready-made dressing tables in this style. A rich offer of stores provides a variety of colors or finishes. An alternative solution is a set of lamps or a strip with bulbs – the lighting can then be independently attached to the mirror or its frame, depending on your preferences. Such a dressing table will look beautiful in glamorous interiors, chic Hampton and classic arrangements.

Modern LED lights for home dressing table – are usually chosen by ladies who appreciate minimalism and economy of form. LED lamps create a simple, but very impressive, lighting in the form of a delicate frame around the mirror. Despite the subtlety, they still perfectly fulfill their function. LED lights in the form of a strip evenly illuminate the face. Nowadays in stores you can find many shades of LED light, not only cool, as it was before. Energy efficiency is another advantage of this solution. Universal dressing table with LED lighting will look great in minimalist, loft or Scandinavian style interiors.

Decorative wall lamps at the dressing table – customers increasingly decide to install decorative wall lamps on the sides of the mirror at the dressing table in the bedroom or bathroom. Well-placed wall lamps allow for equal lighting of the face on both sides, making it much easier to perform an aesthetic, everyday makeup. Be sure to choose wall sconces that provide plenty of light.

Toilet with standing lamp – this is quite a rare solution because of taking up more space. You can put two large standing lamps on both sides of the dressing table. In this case, it is very important to remember that the light is set evenly and at the same height. Otherwise, different shadows may be created, which will disturb the proportions of the face.

Professional makeup lights are the most specialized solution that ensures, above all, the purity and naturalness of the light. Adjustability makes it an option for advanced makeup artists. The most important barrier may prove to be financial – dressing table with mounted lamp for professional makeup is the expense of several hundred to even several thousand zlotys.

Lighting a dressing table – what else to remember?

When choosing lighting for your dressing table in the bathroom or bedroom, do not forget to choose the right color of light. Natural shades will work best, as close to daylight as possible. This means that in the store you should pay attention primarily to the bulbs that give light with parameters of 5000-6500 K, with a color rendering index Ra of at least 80%. These values mean a cool shade that best reflects the nature of daylight. It will allow you to see yourself in the mirror in natural light, so that the colors and their intensity will be closest to reality

Moreover, the lamps should be directly at the height of the face of the person who sits at the dressing table – even lighting will not create shadows. Light bulbs placed around the mirror or parallel on both sides of it will work best. It is better to avoid lighting only from above, because it will optically change the appearance of the face

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