What fabrics characterize the Scandinavian style?

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Scandinavian style is characterized by functional simplicity and modernity. In this article we suggest what fabrics to use, which will perfectly match the aesthetics of the interior in this style.

Scandinavian style

What characterizes Scandinavian style is certainly simplicity, but also high functionality and modernity. Moreover, the rooms arranged in this style are based on the use of bright colors, which optically enlarge the usable space. At the same time such a color scheme based on white, gray and shades of blue, may contain darker tones. If you want to warm up the space, choose a delicate pink, mint or turquoise color. When it comes to accessories, wooden ones are perfect – they will be a great complement to the whole. It is also worth to bet on suitable fabrics. What kind of fabrics?

Fabrics in Scandinavian style

Deciding on the Scandinavian style, we should appropriately choose various accessories. It is also worth to think about the fabrics, which we will use to arrange the interior. In case of Scandinavian style, we should bet on fabrics made of natural materials, such as linen or cotton. The use of thick-weave bedspreads is also very suitable. Thanks to such fabrics interiors will gain originality and become more cozy.

Sofas and pouffes – upholstery in Scandinavian style

One of the most characteristic elements of any living room is a sofa. It can not be missing also in interior design in Scandinavian style. In this case, the sofa has a simple shape, wooden legs, as well as comfortable seats. The upholstery is also made of natural fabrics. Similar rules also apply to chairs. It is also worth placing poufs in the living room. Let’s choose those that have the color of powder pink, blue or turquoise; they will be an excellent addition in bright color and will give the desired contrast to the dominant white. You also cannot miss such accessories as blankets, bedspreads and pillows – made of natural fabrics, of course. It is these elements that give the room its original character. We should remember not to clutter the room when choosing accessories and try to keep things in moderation.

Fabrics in the bedroom

We may think that carpets do not match the modern style. On the contrary. If you choose a tasteful, woollen or fluffy rug, especially for the bedroom, it will be a great idea. It will certainly warm up the interior and give it the right atmosphere. As far as bedclothes are concerned, it is worth taking care to match them with colors of the room and pay attention, whether they are made of natural fabrics. In this case, let’s bet on simplicity – let’s avoid excess of patterns and variation of colors

The bedspread may be prepared from equally natural, thickly woven fabrics. Scandinavian stylealso allowsfor decorative pillows. Ideally, copies with woolen pillowcases, also with thick weave, will fit.

Curtains and curtains in Scandinavian style

Deciding on the right curtains for the windows, it is worth choosing such materials, which perfectly fit into the Scandinavian climate. Great will be tulle curtains, light and delicate. In the case of curtains, it is worth choosing heavier fabrics in darker colors. They can match the colors of the accessories and contrast with light walls

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