Classic wooden table in a modern edition

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Also, modern interiors can be arranged in such a way as to smuggle in a bit of old climate. It can be a wooden table. Which wooden tables are particularly worth considering?

Wooden table for modern interior – important elements

What should you pay attention to when choosing a wooden table for a modern interior? First of all, the size and shape of the tabletop. Rectangular models look very good. However, remember that this is an option for large and medium-sized rooms. In smaller rooms it is better to bet on round furniture. It is also worth focusing on the right finish. Wood has the advantage over many other materials that it is timeless. Always popular, it works well in both classic and modern arrangements. However, you need to look for the “wow effect”, which will make such a piece of furniture a special piece of equipment, for example, our living room

The magic of old wood

It is commonly known that wood is a universal material, which looks great in modern arrangements. All the more impressive will be old wood, which can be properly processed. Of course, such a piece of furniture can be very expensive – especially if its top is made of a single piece of aged wood. How to pay a little less? You can bet on a model made of old boards or deliberately aged. If only we have a talent for DIY works and a bit of appropriate equipment, we can get down to work ourselves. The materials will cost us much less than the finished product. Oak wood is particularly popular for such furniture, but it is very hard and difficult to work with.

Wooden table with an oflis, or what kind of table?

The issue of finishing the table of old wood is very important – as a rule, such furniture is not painted, but it is focused on exposing the natural beauty of the wood grain. You can opt for matt or glossy varnish, or use other methods of impregnation. The finishing of the edges is also important – for modern, especially industrial stylizations, a table top with a foliation, that is a natural and irregular finish of the board, will fit perfectly. A thick top, decorated in such a way, will become a wonderful decoration of the living room. Above it you can hang a DIY lamp also made from a piece of beam

Wooden table with resin

An extremely interesting variation of the wooden table for modern interiors will be a model with a ”river” made of resin. How is it made? You just need a board with an ollis, which will be the tabletop. You need to cut it through the middle and fold it with the outer edges to each other. Then the even edges resulting from the cut will remain on the outside. The inside, where the foxes meet, should be poured with resin. You can add dye to it, which will allow to arrange an imitation of the river (blue dye), but also to sink interesting objects or otherwise decorate. The material will harden quickly, creating a beautiful and durable surface

Legs for wooden table in modern style

It is also worth taking care of the right legs for a wooden table designed for a modern interior. They can be wooden elements, but in this case you need to be very careful that they fit well with the whole – they often refer too much to the rustic style. Better will be legs made of flat steel painted black. Such an element is not too expensive and you can buy it online. You can also make them yourself using a welding machine. The width and thickness of the metal is a secondary matter – it is known that they must support a fairly heavy tabletop and be durable

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