• Scandinavian style home office

    Scandinavian style appeared in interior design some time ago and it does not look like it is going to leave us in the next few seasons. Bright colors, wood, simplicity and minimalism supported by practical organizational solutions. It can be said that these features are almost ideal for creating an office space. Dreaming of a Scandinavian-style home office? Get inspired with us!  Scandinavian style ideal for the office A home office is a space where we often spend long hours, so it is important that it is well organized and beautiful. In a space where we feel good and which
  • What decorations in an eclectic style living room will work?

    Eclecticism is the art of combining different styles. Often, by juxtaposing seemingly incompatible elements, it allows us to create a completely new, delightful whole. Unfortunately, applying this style in practice is extremely difficult. Eclectic arrangements require from the creator an extraordinary sense, so that in his work does not appear incomprehensible chaos, which deters rather than delights. Importantly, it is also not a style for everyone. How to safely introduce it into your living room with decorations? Eclectic style, or what kind of style?  The uniqueness of the eclectic style is the combination and drawing of various elements and accessories
  • Everything You Need to Know About Residential Partitions

    When it comes to your home, you probably want to make sure that every square inch of it is being used as efficiently as possible. That’s why residential partitions have become such an important part of how home designs are handled in the modern world; these interlocking walls are a great way to save space, add storage, and much more. If you’re considering adding one of these to your own home, here’s everything you need to know about residential partitions. A History of Partitions Partitions have been used for centuries as a way to divide up living spaces. The most
  • Why You Need Acoustic Foam Panels in Your Life

    Have you ever wondered how some people are able to crank their music loud and not disturb their neighbours, while you get your eardrums ruptured if you listen to anything above a whisper? Well, it’s because they have acoustic foam panels installed in their home or business, and you need some too! This blog will give you everything you need to know about acoustic foam panels, why they are necessary and how to install them properly. About acoustic foam  What is acoustic foam? it is a substance that absorbs sound. By filling every nook and cranny inside a room with
  • What kind of lighting fits the English style?

    English style is chic and elegant in its pure form. However, it is definitely not a good option for people who appreciate simplicity and minimalism. Abundance of all kinds of accessories, trinkets, materials and textures, floral patterns and ubiquitous pastels is not for everyone. This is what distinguishes interiors in the English style. And what kind of lighting will bring brilliance to these elegant arrangements? English interior Rooms maintained in English style have several fixed elements. They usually include: a fireplace, stuccowork, pastel colors and floral patterns, even on walls in the form of wallpaper, paintings, souvenirs from travels or
  • What New York style living room decorations will work?

    New York style is the essence of luxury and elegance. It refers to glamor and art deco, perfectly reflecting the spirit of the world of New York’s social cream. Check how to decorate your living room to make it look like an apartment straight from Manhattan!   As the name suggests, New York style refers to the luxurious interiors of apartments on the Upper East Side, which is the most expensive district of Manhattan. New York is a city where many cultures meet. Therefore it is not surprising that the New York style may resemble a mixture, partly referring to
  • What can you replace in your rental apartment to make it stylish?

    Rented apartments rarely meet our tastes and preferences. Arrangements of such premises leave much to be desired and make us feel not at home there. What to do to make a rented apartment stylish and cozy? We suggest.   Landlords usually do not allow you to interfere in the arrangement of the apartment, so we usually agree to a little personalized spaces. Meanwhile, there are several non-invasive ways that will not affect the structure of the apartment, but will change its appearance to a cozier and more stylish one. Check out our ideas! Wall decoration Paintings, postcards, posters, photos, graphics,
  • The Sensor Soap Dispenser: How to Use It and Why You Need It

    The sensor soap dispenser is one of the most ingenious inventions in recent memory. Designed to make life easier in the bathroom, this sensor soap dispenser can be programmed to dispense exactly how much soap you need at the touch of a button. Even better, it will automatically shut off when your soap supply gets low, so you’ll never run out unexpectedly again! Here’s how to use it and why you need one in your home. What is a Sensor Soap Dispenser? A sensor soap dispenser is a type of soap dispenser that detects when you wave your hand in
  • Positioning, and real time marketing in the gardening industry – how do they interact?

    Nowadays you can find everything on the web – from specialized and very large stores (e-commerce), through portfolios, catalogs and portals and blogs. The Internet has completely changed the world and made ordering goods by mail order easier and easier, and now everyone can afford to place an order without leaving home, waiting in traffic jams and queues. Not without reason, more and more entrepreneurs are going online, who see in e-commerce by far the best chance to earn a lot of money, without engaging high resources, such as hiring employees for direct service or renting exclusive premises. Unfortunately, along
  • Loft style lanterns – which ones to choose?

    If you are looking for accessories that will highlight your loft-inspired apartment, take a look at our suggestions. We suggest lanterns! Loft style, also called industrial, is associated with austere minimalism, and thus with modernity. However, it was born in the United States already in the 1950s, so more than 70 years ago. At that time abandoned factories were more and more often used as apartments. Specific construction solutions of huge halls contributed to creation of loft style popular today. What are the characteristics of loft style? Characteristic for the loft style are open spaces, large windows (often reaching from